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AstroPay Fees & How To Get Extra From Your Account

AstroPay Account Fees

AstroPay is one of the handiest tools out there for e-money transfer services. They offer fast, reliable, and highly secure P2P and merchant transactions and are accepted at most online stores and major retailers. If you’re not familiar, I highly encourage you to check out our AstroPay registration and verification guides, as they’re quite handy. Today, though, we’re talking about AstroPay’s fees.

Most services have a few hidden fees lurking around corners just waiting to pounce – but AstroPay is actually quite simple. So let’s answer a few common questions, get a simple breakdown of AstroPay’s fees, and we can be on our way!

AstroPay Fees 101

If you’re trying to navigate the AstroPay platform for the first time, it can be a tad overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve been there and done that – so let’s take a look at their fees.

AstroPay Fees Explained

AstroPay’s fees are actually quite simple when compared to similar services. Many e-money services will use a combination of their VIP tier system, an account’s verification and/or age, and how often the account holder uses their account to determine limits. AstroPay uses a similar model but simplifies things a bit. 

If you were looking at Skrill, for example, you’d see our fees guide needs to make use of a relatively long bullet-pointed list – AstroPay doesn’t need that. We’ve only got a few small fees to cover, and then we can wrap for the day.

  • Deposit Fee: Free
  • Registration & Account Maintenance: Free
  • (Bank) Withdrawal: Free
  • (Card/Check) Withdrawal: .5% fee
  • Send Money: Free*
  • Receive Money: Free*

*While most transactions will remain fee-free, some non-standard transactions will incur a fee. Money sent or received between AstroPay members (P2P) is always fee-free; money sent internationally or to non-AstroPay users can incur a small variable fee. Currency conversion may invoke fees, depending on the current exchange rate.

Ultimately, AstroPay tries to keep things simple. Their fees are generally kept well within industry standards (which usually range between 1.5-3% on most general fees). It’s also worth noting that your account limits and any applicable fees will be listed during the transaction at the bottom of the screen, preventing any potential nasty surprises.

While AstroPay’s fees are actually incredibly simple (and forgiving), there is a way to get even more out of your account – EwalletUpgrades.

EwalletUpgrades and AstroPay

Allow me to ask you a simple question: do you enjoy being rewarded for using your own money? Do you enjoy cashback, higher limits, and effortless P2P payments, all of which are tracked in one simple hub? Then the AstroPay and EwalletUpgrades deal is for you. You’ll gain access to: 

  1. Free Instant black vip status
  2. Free verification
  3. Fast-tracked verificaiton (under 24 hours vs. up to 3 business days)
  4. Free P2P transactions
  5. Cashback on AstroPay transactions

And considering it takes less than five minutes to get established (and is entirely free), there’s really no reasonable reason not to try it out. All you need is a first and last name (you have those, right?), a password and email, and to select your home country and language. Seriously, that’s it – so click here to get started.

AstroPay Fees: FAQ

If you still have a few questions regarding AstroPay’s fees, I’ve got some good news for you – AStropay’s fees are actually quite simple. They’re very limited on what they charge to do, and the fees they do have are often far below the industry standard range.

Now – let’s answer a few questions.

Does AstroPay charge to send money?

No, AstroPay does not charge to send money. All transactions made using their AstroPay card (virtual or physical) are entirely fee-free, with a few exceptions. These are all related to withdrawals to a bank or card, crypto transactions, and very little else.

Why does AstroPay charge to withdraw?

AstroPay charges to withdraw because it’s the industry standard. 

While the fees may vary slightly based on where you live, the truth of the matter is that AstroPay’s fees are well below the industry average. Most e-wallets, P2P lenders, and similar services will charge a withdrawal fee that can range from 1-3% or come with a flat fee of right around £10.

However, AstroPay’s withdrawal fee is shockingly low – sitting at only .5% for withdrawals. That’s not only far under the usual fees you’ll see for similar services but often totals out to a matter of cents, at most a few Euros. 

Why is AstroPay so expensive?

While I don’t expect you to fully believe me without proof, the truth of the matter is that AstroPay isn’t expensive. 

You’ve seen their fees already, but let’s compare them to similar services:

  • All deposits are free of charge – no hidden charges, no sneaky lil surprises – actually free.
  • Withdrawals cost roughly ⅓ (or less) of what most similar services charge (0.0-.5% vs. 1.5-3%)
  • Registration for an AstroPay account is entirely free.
  • Verification for an AstroPay account takes less than £10 (and stays in your account – it’s a deposit).
  • P2P and merchant transactions using the AstroPay card are fee-free.

In comparison, many similar services (such as Neteller or Skrill) charge a small transaction fee for withdrawals, verification, P2P and merchant transactions, and currency conversion. While their fees are incredibly competitive, the truth of the matter is that no fees is better than low fees in most cases.


If you want an incredibly simple, secure, and streamlined e-money transfer service, chances are that AstroPay is the choice for you. They have created a truly excellent service that allows users to send, receive, and exchange funds between users, merchants, and in many brick-and-mortar stores (when using their physical card). And considering that creating and verifying an account is not only free but takes a matter of minutes, it’s pretty dang hard to justify just ignoring AstroPay.

If you enjoy having one simple place to send and receive money without the worries of traditional banking, AstroPay is an excellent choice. Their highly competitive fees and the surprisingly broad range of services on offer make them a truly competitive choice for even the most discerning users. You can sign up by completing the two steps below.

We are an approved AstroPay partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

  • Instant AstroPay Black Level VIP Upgrade
  • 1.00-1.80% AstroPay VIP Cashback
  • Free Verification (no deposit required)
  • Fast-track AstroPay Verification
  • Free AstroPay P2P Transfers

Click the button below to register at AstroPay (or skip to step 2 if you are already registered):

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