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EcoPayz Fees And How To Reduce Them Via Volume Kings

EcoPayz is an excellent service for those who want to gamble online, trade foreign currency, buy/sell cryptocurrency, or send money internationally between both friends and merchants. But it comes with a handful of fees attached to various services, which can get to be a bit overwhelming for new users. So today, we’re breaking down all of the most important fees for all EcoPayz users.

We’ll also be answering a few commonly asked questions regarding why EcoPayz charges the fees they do, what they charge fees for, and give a brief comparison to other similar services. We want you to be able to make an informed decision to ensure you’re putting your money in the best possible spot – so let’s get you some answers.

EcoPayz Fees 101

First up is a simple explanation of all EcoPayz fees with a few explanations. After that, we’ll touch on how to reduce those fees even further and answer the questions mentioned above. Now – onto the fees.

All EcoPayz Fees

At first, the fees for using EcoPayz can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, once you see them actually laid out, it starts to make sense. So today, that’s exactly what we’re doing. 

Here is a thorough list of all fees associated with various tiers of EcoPayz accounts:

  1. Registration: Free for all users.
  2. Bank Wire Deposit: 0.00-10.00% for all users, varying by the user’s bank and international transfer charges.
  3. Bank Deposit to Virtual IBAN or Local Bank Account: Free for all users.
  4. Credit Card Deposit: 1.69-6.00% + €0.25, varying by your country of residence.
  5. Alternative Currency Deposit: Free for all users.
  6. Transactions Between Sub-Accounts:
    • Classic: Unavailable.
    • Silver and Above: Free.
  7. P2P Transactions (Fee Applied to Sender):
    • Classic: Unavailable
    • Silver: 1.50% min. €.50 transaction.
    • Gold and Above: Free.
  8. Merchant Transactions:
    • Free for all users.
  9. Currency Conversion:
    • Classic & Silver: 2.99%
    • Gold: 1.49%
    • Platinum: 1.49%
    • VIP: 1.25%
  10. Inactivity Fee: €1.50 per month (after 12 months of the account not being active)

While there are several other fees that apply to very specific circumstances, it’s worth noting that for the fees where a percentage range is listed, those fees will drop as your VIP tier rises. 

They’re the types of transactions (credit cards, bank accounts) where EcoPayz isn’t the only institution in charge of the funds, meaning your card carrier or bank may tack on additional fees. Nonetheless, you will see them drop in varying degrees as you advance through EcoPayz tiers.

EcoPayz Fees With EwalletUpgrades

Now, you knew this was coming. After all, we kinda have to highlight our own service, right?

The reality of the situation is that EwalletUpgrades (EWU) makes it drastically simpler to use your EcoPayz account. Not only do we streamline the verification process, but we instantly grant you access to EcoPayz Gold, reducing fees and raising limits on your account.

Among the most important changes that you’ll find immediately after connecting your EWU and EcoPayz accounts are the following:

  1. Free Verification: Normally €10.00
  2. Streamlined Verification: Verification happens within twelve hours, compared to 1-5 business days.
  3. Instant Gold VIP: Traditionally requires several steps to acquire, including a minimum deposit threshold
  4. Free P2P Transfers: Normally charges a 1.5% fee for Classic or Silver users.
  5. Lower Forex Fee: 1.49% compared to 2.99% for Classic and Silver users.
  6. Refer-a-Friend Rewards

In short, connecting your EcoPayz and EWU accounts allows you to instantly skip some of the heftier fees for lower tiers and start spending securely. And best of all you get have higher limits to play with. Sign up or link your account to EwalletUpgrades here.

Does EcoPayz Charge to Withdraw Money?

Yes, EcoPayz charges for withdrawing money, but it’s not a single set fee. 

 The fees charged to you to withdraw money to a bank account or card will vary based on two factors:

The institution you use.

Some banks and card carriers charge varying fees on withdrawals from EcoPayz. Groups like Western Union don’t incur a fee on the EcoPayz side but will charge a varying fee on transactions that usually come out to 1-2% or €10.

Where you live.

Some countries regulate money transfers more than others. Users in the UK and EEA will generally not have an issue with this – it more applies to other countries – so do your homework and make sure to check the fees for users in your country.

Overall, the general fee that EcoPayz charges is between €5.90-10.00. You will incur additional fees from your bank and, if applicable, on international transfers.  These are usually percentage-based and come with a minimum and maximum fee of usually around €5.00 to €10.00.

Why Does EcoPayz Charge to Withdraw Money?

EcoPayz charges to withdraw money because it’s industry standard for P2P lenders, e-wallets, and similar services – regardless of where you live. The fees EcoPayz charges are often capped at a reasonable amount, generally around (or below) €10.00.

We’ll address this more in detail below, but the long and short of it is that EcoPayz actually keeps quite reasonable fees when compared to a number of other financial institutions. They charge less for withdrawals and transfers than, say, MasterCard (in most instances), and as you gain VIP tiers, those fees drop even more.

Why is EcoPayz So Expensive?

Let’s be real here for a moment – EcoPayz is not expensive. As we mentioned above, they keep their fees to a very reasonable level. And best of all, a number of the services that most similar services charge fees to use are entirely free on EcoPayz.

If you don’t believe me, believe the numbers:

  1. All merchant transactions on EcoPayz are entirely free of charge.
  2. Registering for an account is entirely free – and connecting your EWU and EcoPayz accounts makes verification free, too.
  3. P2P transactions charge a very small fee for low-level users, and upper-tier (VIP Gold and above, gained instantly with EWU) users can make these transactions for free.
    • Classic and Silver users pay a 1.5% P2P fee. If you sent €100.00, that would be a fee of €1.5 – that’s less than you pay to park in most places.
  4. Regular fees are really only common with withdrawals and deposits. And users who took advantage of the EWU and EcoPayz deal won’t even notice them, as they become incredibly small for upper-tier users.

Overall, EcoPayz really isn’t expensive. They keep their fees well within industry standards and heartily reward users for continuous use with reduced fees and upped account limits.


At the end of the day, there’s no reason to get confused with EcoPayz fees. There are a few super simple basics to keep in mind, and after that, you only need to remember the fees for your account tier. The higher the VIP level, the lower your fees, and once acquiring Gold VIP (perhaps through Volum Kings for instant verification and even lower fees), most of the more pesky fees just… disappear.

If you’re ever confused, you can check out the EcoPayz Fees and Limits page located at the footer of the EcoPayz homepage. Ultimately, if you’re tired of paying fees to use your money, connect your EwalletUpgrades and EcoPayz accounts. You’ll instantly unlock Gold VIP, along with a number of reduced fees, raised account limits, and numerous handy bonuses. Sign up or link your account to EwalletUpgrades here.

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