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EcoPayz Verification How-To & FAQ

EcoPayz is a fantastic service for people who love to trade foreign currency, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and gamble online. And once you’ve verified your account, it becomes your one-stop shop for so many handy daily transactions that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

But, there are a lot of questions surrounding EcoPayz’s verification process. How do you even go about verifying on EcoPayz? Can you use EcoPayz without verification? And what about time; how long should you expect to wait? We’ve got answers for all of the questions you could possibly have surrounding verification on EcoPayz for you in one easy little spot. 

Now – onto the article.

EcoPayz Verification 101

Let’s start with the most important part of this whole process – the how-to for verifying your EcoPayz account. After that, we can address some of the more common questions – but for now, the guide!

Step-by-Step Guide to EcoPayz Verification

Verifying your EcoPayz account is incredibly simple. You’ll need a few things to get started, including:

  1. A registered EcoPayz account
  2. Valid government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  3. Recent (within 90 days) documents verifying your home address (a paid utility bill, bank statement, etc.) with your name and home address in clear view.
  4. A clear, full-colour selfie of just your face.
  5. €10 for a deposit.

Now – here’s how to verify your EcoPayz account from the EcoPayz home screen. 

  1. Prepare all of your documents and log into your Classic EcoPayz account.
  2. Select “Upgrade for Free” located on the rightmost side of the “My Account” tab.
  3. Click “Verify Your Identity” and follow the prompts.
    • You’ll be asked to upload your documents, ID photo(s), and a selfie with your ID card next to your face.
  4. Select “Send for Verification” and wait.
  5. Your account will either be verified or have the documents rejected within 1-5 business days, and you’ll have full access to a Silver EcoPayz account.

But (surprise, surprise) that’s not all! While you certainly can take the boring path, you’d be missing out on so much that’s just waiting for you. By connecting your EwalletUpgrades (EWU) and EcoPayz accounts, you’ll gain access to a number of handy benefits. 

With EwalletUpgrades

When verifying your identity on EcoPayz, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. It requires a small (€10) deposit and usually takes a day or two (if not five) to finish processing. 

If you want to avoid all of that silliness, though, you can connect your EWU and EcoPayz account to gain access to the following benefits: 

  1. Streamlined verification (under 12 hours vs. 1-5 business days for verification to process)
  2. Free verification (which traditionally requires a €10 deposit)
  3. Gold VIP status after registration and verification (standard users get one level lower, Silver VIP)
  4. Reduced fees on forex and card transactions
  5. Free Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions

How to sign up through EwalletUpgrades:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 shown here

And best of all, you don’t need to make a deposit when connecting EWU and EcoPayz, meaning this whole process is the best price possible – free.

How Much Time Does Ecopayz Take To Verify?

EcoPayz has two timeframes for verification. Those who connect via EwalletUpgrades to EcoPayz will have their account verified within twelve (12) hours. Accounts not connected through EwalletUpgrades, “Standard”, or “Classic EcoPayz” users, may wait between 1-5 business days for verification to finish.

This is because EcoPayz prioritizes VIPs, which is what EWU members are when connecting their account to EcoPayz. Who ever said that being a VIP didn’t come with perks?

Can I Use Ecopayz Without Verification?

While you can use EcoPayz without verification, your account will be heavily limited until you do so. This is because EcoPayz handles millions every year – and as such, they need to make sure that it’s actually you trying to send and receive money. 

You’ll have a lifetime limit of deposits on Classic EcoPayz (i.e. unverified) accounts, and you will be unable to send or receive money until finishing verification (more on that below).

For the full breakdown of the differences between various VIP levels on EcoPayz, you can check out our EcoPayz VIP guide right here.

Can I Receive Money On Ecopayz Without Verification? 

You cannot receive money from another EcoPayz user until you have acquired at least EcoPayz Silver status. The only requirement for Silver is to verify. 

You cannot send money from EcoPayz to other users or merchants until you have verified your EcoPayz account. 

Can I Send Money From Ecopayz Without Verification?

You cannot send money from EcoPayz to other users or merchants until you have verified your EcoPayz account. 

Can I Withdraw From Ecopayz Without Verification?

You cannot withdraw money from EcoPayz until you have verified your EcoPayz account.

Do You Have To Verify an Ecopayz Account?

As we’ve shown above, you don’t have to verify an EcoPayz account. However, users who haven’t verified their account will have drastically restricted accounts and will be unable to send, receive, or withdraw funds until they’ve reached EcoPayz Silver status through verification.

All of this goes to say that connecting your EWU and EcoPayz accounts is absolutely vital to getting the most out of the platform. We cut out the waiting period for verification, make it entirely free, and allow you to start sending, receiving, and withdrawing funds from EcoPayz within twelve hours of the process being approved. Here’s the link to join up your EcoPayz with EwalletUpgrades.

Why Did Ecopayz Reject My Documents?

EcoPayz is generally pretty easy to get verified with, but occasionally, some users may find that their documents for verification were rejected by EcoPayz. There are really only three reasons this may happen:

  1. Your documents are difficult to read, don’t include all corners of the paper, or your selfie is too blurry.
  2. Your documents have been touched-up or altered in a graphic editor (like PhotoShop)
  3. You misentered information during the initial registration, such as your address, name, date of birth, or email address.
    • Always double and triple-check all information when entering it during registration to avoid this. As grandpa always said, “measure twice, cut once.”

Ultimately, it’s quite unlikely that EcoPayz will reject your documents, assuming you’ve entered everything properly and have followed their instructions. 

Make sure to keep all corners of the documents in the photo, keep all photos clear and not blurry, and don’t alter them in an editor – if you follow those steps, you’ll be fine.


With all said and done, verifying your identity on EcoPayz is a super simple process. It takes a matter of seconds to enter the information, and if you connect your EWU and EcoPayz accounts, it’s both entirely free and far faster than the alternative. If you don’t have time to wait around for up to five business days, connect your EWU and EcoPayz accounts. 

You’ll gain a number of super handy benefits, reduced fees, and even get cashback on your purchases through the EWU dashboard! It’s honestly a win-win, so what are you waiting for? Link up EcoPayz with EwalletUpgrades by filling in the form below!

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