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EcoPayz vs. PayPal Comparison – Ewallet specialist Review

Trying to figure out the best e-money service is a hassle. There are so many names out there that figuring out which suits you the best can be a major headache. Seeing as EwalletUpgrades is a bit of an expert on EcoPayz and PayPal, we figured it was time to show who does what well, and which services are suited to particular users.

Let’s take a look at the questions for today.

Comparing EcoPayz vs. PayPal

Let’s start by clarifying something. While both EcoPayz and PayPal offer quite similar services, they are, at the end of the day, quite different. That’s not to say that both won’t serve you well, but depending on your needs or location, one might be more favourable than the other.

So today, we’re breaking down all of the differences between EcoPayz and PayPal to ensure you get the best one for you.

The Breakdown

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of any e-money service – the VIP Programme.

VIP Programme

This is perhaps where the largest difference lies. EcoPayz has a very popular and well-designed VIP programme to reward its users – PayPal, however, does not. I’m going to break down the EcoPayz VIP programme below, so keep in mind each section is an area where PayPal offers nothing to its users.

We’re going to focus on EcoPayz Silver and up, as that’s where most of EcoPayz VIP perks and features kick into play – Classic users will need to verify their account before continuing through VIP tiers.

The benefits of the EcoPayz VIP Programme are as follows:

Withdrawal Fees:

  • Silver-Platinum: €5.9-10
  • VIP: €2.9-7

Number Of Credit Card Deposits Per Day Allowed:

  • Silver: 4
  • Gold: 6
  • Platinum: 8
  • VIP: 10

Forex Fee:

  • Classic and Silver: 2.99%
  • Gold and Platinum: 1.49%
  • VIP: 1.25%

Maximum Account Balance:

  • Silver: €15,000
  • Gold:  €100,000
  • Platinum:  €120,000
  • VIP: Unlimited.

Multicurrency Account?

All EcoPayz VIP accounts (Silver and above) are multicurrency accounts and have access to over 40 global currencies.

PayPal only accepts USD, GBP and EUR (varying by location).

The EcoPayz VIP Programme is a tier-based system, with limits rising and fees lowering as you gain tiers, listed as follows:

  • Classic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP

Each tier requires an increasing deposit and transaction threshold to reach, other than Classic. EcoPayz Classic is the base account level that all users reach upon registration. Silver is the most achievable VIP tier other than Gold, requiring that you simply verify your identity and provide a single (very small) deposit – with a handy little exception.

Users who connect their EwalletUpgrades (EWU) and EcoPayz accounts gain instant, free Gold VIP status – PayPal, on the other hand, offers no such incentive. You can find out more here.


Now – with any service that holds and processes your money, you’ll need to expect a few fees. Both PayPal and EcoPayz are on pretty even footing here, as they both keep fees well within the industry standard. 

The fees that both EcoPayz and PayPal charge are as follows:

Forex Fee:

  • EcoPayz: 2.99% for Classic and Silver users, 1.45% for Gold and above users
  • PayPal: 2.50%

Account Management:

  • EcoPayz: Free
  • PayPal: Free

P2P Transactions: 

  • EcoPayz: 1.50% for Classic and Silver users, free for Gold users and above
  • PayPal: Free

Inactive Account Fee: 

  • EcoPayz: €1.50 per month after 12 months of inactivity
  • PayPal: None

Receive Money: 

  • EcoPayz: Free for Silver and above users, unavailable for Classic users
  • PayPal: Free if both parties are in the same country and are not converting currency or using credit cards. Otherwise, it’s between 2.90% + $.30 and 7.40% + $.50

Bank Transfer: 

  • EcoPayz: €5.90-10.00 for Classic-Platinum users, €2.90-7.00 for VIP users
  • PayPal: Free.

ATM Withdrawal Fee: 

  • EcoPayz: 2.00%, minimum €1.50 charge for all users
  • PayPal: 2.50%

Merchant Transactions: 

  • EcoPayz: Free for all users
  • PayPal: Free

Crypto Fees: 

  • EcoPayz: Minimum €100 transfer amount plus a 1.00% crypto fee
  • PayPal: Varies

Overall, both are excellent services, but depending on what you need, one will be better than the other. 

PayPal is great for people who only want to occasionally send and receive money or make merchant transactions, especially as they don’t charge inactivity fees. However, EcoPayz does have a leg up in a few areas.

First and foremost, EcoPayz is certainly better for users who expect to consistently use their accounts. They’ll gain far lower fees and higher limits with even the lowest of VIP tiers, whereas PayPal users will always have the same fees and limits. EcoPayz is especially well-suited to forex and crypto traders, as the fees on those services (especially for Gold or higher VIPs) are drastically lower than on PayPal.


If you’re hoping to get a MasterCard from your favoured service, both PayPal and EcoPayz offer users (in specific countries) access to such a card. Here are the major differences between the two services’ MasterCards:

Ordering/Activation Fee: 

  • PayPal: Free
  • EcoPayz: Free

Delivery Fee: 

  • PayPal: $25
  • EcoPayz: €10.00 for users in the UK, €30.00 for users in the EEA

Annual Membership:

  • PayPal: None
  • EcoPayz: None

Monthly Membership:

  • PayPal: $4.95
  • EcoPayz: None

Daily Limits: 

  • PayPal: $3,000
  • EcoPayz: €750 for Silver users (cash), €1,000 for Gold and above users (cash); €4,000 for Silver users (daily non-cash transactions), €4,800 for Gold and above users (daily non-cash transactions)

Available Currencies: 

  • PayPal: USD, GBP & EUR
  • EcoPayz: CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN, SEK, and USD

Overall, while the PayPal card is quite good, it will only serve users in the US to any useful degree. The EcoPayz MasterCard, however, is accepted pretty much universally across Europe and has lower fees, higher limits, and a lower barrier to entry. 

The PayPal card costs you:

Monthly membership ($4.95*12) + delivery fee ($25) + ordering fee (free) = $84.40 (€82.52)

The EcoPayz card costs you:

Monthly membership (free) + delivery fee (€10-30.00) + ordering fee (free) = €10 (UK) – 30.00 (EEA)

I don’t know about you, but that math seems pretty self-explanatory. In short, the EcoPayz card costs you between €50-70 less than the PayPal card and can be used in far more locations.

Rewards & Security

Both EcoPayz and PayPal make use of the most modern security features, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), to ensure your funds are as secure as possible. Both services need to be incredibly secure, as they’re regulated by either the SEC or FCA, ensuring that each is held to a wildly high standard of security.

As for rewards, PayPal offers users no rewards outside of their MasterCard reward program. This program is only available to users in the United States, meaning it has a minimal (i.e., nonexistent) impact on users in Europe or anywhere else, for that matter.

In contrast, EcoPayz offers an incredibly well-designed VIP programme. This allows users to be rewarded through lower fees and higher limits just for using their accounts. And top-tier (VIP) users gain access to EcoPayz Cashback up to 0.50% cashback on eligible purchases. 

Can You Send Money From EcoPayz to PayPal?

You cannot directly send money from EcoPayz to PayPal.

While you can deposit and withdraw funds both through a bank or card account, it’s a roundabout workaround to the issue. Neither PayPal nor EcoPayz has established the other as an accepted merchant, meaning there are no direct means to transfer money between the two services.

The Verdict

All in all, the service that’s best for you between EcoPayz and PayPal will vary heavily based on the following questions:

Where do you live?

If you’re in the United States, PayPal is likely the best option for you. Users anywhere else in the world (the UK, EEA, and most of Asia, Africa, and South America) will benefit far more from using EcoPayz.

Do you want to be rewarded for using your money?

If not, then opt for PayPal. But, if you like to get reduced fees, higher limits, and cashback on eligible purchases, EcoPayz is absolutely the choice for you. And even better, users who connect their EwalletUpgrades and EcoPayz accounts gain instant, free access to Gold VIP, ensuring you never pay unreasonable fees on any transaction ever again. Find out more here.

How often will you use this account?

If you plan to only use $200-300 per year, PayPal is an excellent choice. They’re widely accepted by most merchants and don’t charge inactivity fees. EcoPayz, on the other hand, is great for people who plan to make a living using their account for forex, crypto, or gambling due to its extensive VIP programme. Though it’s worth noting that EcoPayz charges a monthly inactivity fee, meaning disuse can rack up fees quite quickly. But this only kicks in after 12 months of inactivity.

Do you want to gamble, trade forex, or buy/sell cryptocurrency?

If so, use EcoPayz. They offer more reasonable rates on all of the aforementioned services, are far more widely accepted than PayPal in those spheres, and are quite literally built from the ground up for gamblers, forex traders, and crypto enthusiasts.

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