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EcoPayz vs. Revolut Comparison – Ewallet specialist Review

EcoPayz and Revolut are, in their own rights, excellent services. But there are a few key differences that get forgotten in the mix – so today, we’re explaining what differentiates EcoPayz and Revolut. Whether you want a clear breakdown of the fees, VIP programme, security, or cards offered by each, or you have other questions – we’ve got you covered.

So – how do EcoPayz and Revolut compare?

Comparing EcoPayz vs. Revolut

We’re going to look at the five most crucial aspects of any service that handles your money: their security, fees, rewards, VIP programmes, and what cards they offer, if any. Each is important as it informs how, when, and where you’ll use each service.

VIP Programme

The programmes at Revolut and EcoPayz operate quite differently. EcoPayz runs on a tier-based system, allowing users to upgrade as they use their accounts more. Revolut, on the other hand, offers a monthly subscription-based VIP service.

Traditionally, we’d break down the two services side-by-side to show their similarities and differences. However, seeing as they’re so different, we’ll be separating EcoPayz and Revolut into their own subsections. First up is EcoPayz.

EcoPayz VIP

The most commonly used benefits of various EcoPayz VIP accounts are as follows, listed by tier:

Withdrawal Fees:

Silver: €5.9-10

Gold: €5.9-10

Platinum: €5.9-10

VIP: €2.9-7

Number Of Credit Card Deposits Per Day Allowed:

Silver: 4

Gold: 6

Platinum: 8

VIP: 10

Forex Fee:

Classic: 2.99%

Silver: 2.99%

Gold: 1.49%

Platinum: 1.49%

VIP: 1.25%

Maximum Account Balance:

Silver: €15,000

Gold:  €100,000

Platinum:  €120,000

VIP: Unlimited.

Multicurrency Account?

All EcoPayz VIP accounts (Silver and above) are multicurrency accounts and have access to over 40 global currencies.

While regular users will need to register, complete the verification process, and make their way into Gold VIP naturally, there is a better way – EwalletUpgrades (EWU).

Users who connect their EWU and EcoPayz accounts gain access to several excellent benefits, such as:

  • Fast-tracked verification (12 hours vs 1-5 business days)
  • Free verification (normally €10)
  • Reduced FX fee (1.49% vs. 2.99%)
  • Free P2P transfers (traditionally 1.5%)

It takes a matter of minutes to link the two accounts and allows users new to EcoPayz to get right into the really good stuff instantly. Swing by our EcoPayz VIP Programme guide for more information on all that EcoPayz VIP can offer to you. Or view more info here on what EwalletUpgrades and partnered EcoPayz can offer together.

Revolut VIP

And now we’re doing the same thing, but for Revolut. Revolut allows users to pay a subscription for one of three accounts (for personal use) along with a Business and Junior account:

Revolut Standard:

This is the base account provided for free to all Revolut users. Revolut Standard users get access to:

  • Free ATM cash withdrawals up to €200 per month
  • Free bank transfers
  • International bank transfers
  • 1 free cross-border transfer per month, charging €0.50 per transaction afterwards

Each of these benefits is included in higher tiers, along with other added perks.

Revolut Premium:

Premium is the next step up from Standard. Revolut charges €6.99 per month for this account and provides users with the following benefits along with those from Standard:

  • Free ATM cash withdrawal limit raised to €400 per month
  • Three complimentary prepaid Mastercards
  • Free prepaid disposable virtual cards
  • Free cross-currency exchange
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Prioritized customer support
  • Airport lounge passes (purchased for cash)
  • Up to two complimentary lounge passes for flights delayed longer than one hour
  • Two Junior accounts for children or minors under your guardianship (detailed below)

The next step up is Revolut Metal – let’s take a look.

Revolut Metal: 

And finally, we make it to the top tier of Revolut VIP tiers. 

Revolut Metal, while slightly more expensive at €12.99 per month, improves the Revolut user experience across all levels. Users gain access to all of the aforementioned bonuses, along with:

  • Free ATM cash withdrawal limit raised to €800 per month
  • Contactless prepaid Revolut Mastercard (made from steel, hence “Revolut Metal”)
  • Cashback for card payments in select countries
  • An increase to a maximum of four complimentary lounge passes for flights delayed longer than an hour
  • Up to five Junior accounts (detailed below)
  • Concierge access; provides concierge service to schedule restaurant reservations, plan trips, and more.

Now that we’ve gotten the three main accounts out of the way, let’s talk about the Junior and Business accounts.

Revolut Junior: 

Revolut Junior allows minors (between the age of 7-17) to send and receive money using Revolut. 

Users are able to monitor their child’s use and turn off permissions for ATM cash withdrawals, physical and internet purchases, and more. Premium members get access to up to two Junior accounts, and Metal members have up to five Junior accounts.

Revolut Business: 

Finally, Revolut Business allows companies to make use of similar services on a much larger scale. As we’re focusing on personal accounts today, we won’t delve into the details of this particular account – but it’s always good to know Revolut Business exists, you know… just in case.


Both services have quite reasonable fees on most transactions. When examining Revolut fees, keep in mind that many fees vary heavily based on the currency, location, and type of transaction..

The various fees that Revolut and EcoPayz each charge are listed below:

Subscription Fee: 

EcoPayz: None.

Revolut: €6.99-12.99 per month, depending on the subscription

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee:

EcoPayz: 2.00%, minimum €1.50 charge for all users

Revolut: Free in-network, 2% for out-of-network ATMs

International Payments: 

EcoPayz: 0.00-10.00%, varying by bank** and VIP level

Revolut: Fees change in real-time and will be displayed before the transaction completes and can be found here. International transactions for Premium or Metal users are always free.

P2P Fee: 

EcoPayz: 1.50% for Classic and Silver users, free for Gold users and above

Revolut: Free

Bank Transfers: 

EcoPayz: €5.90-10.00 for Classic-Platinum users, €2.90-7.00 for VIP users


  • Deposit: Free
  • Withdrawal: No standard fee, though some third-party institutions may add additional fees. Revolut will warn you of all incurred fees from third parties before completing the transaction.

Crypto Fee: 

EcoPayz: Minimum €100 transfer amount plus a 1.00% crypto fee.

Revolut: Free up to €1,000 per month (cryptocurrency value equivalent), 0.5% for all users after €1,000

FX (Currency Exchange) Fee:

EcoPayz: 2.99% for Classic and Silver users, 1.45% for Gold and above users.

Revolut: Variable depending on the current going exchange rate.

As you can tell, both services offer quite varied fees on different services. EcoPayz fees are relatively straightforward, though readers new to the platform may find our EcoPayz Fees guide helpful.

Revolut, on the other hand, has several caveat-laden fees that users will need to track down.

*Additional fees apply outside of foreign exchange market hours (weekdays, excluding 5 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Sunday EST) detailed in the Revolut Fees page linked above.

**All Western Union transactions are entirely free on EcoPayz; other fees vary by institution.


EcoPayz and Revolut both offer a MasterCard that allows users to pay in everyday transactions using their respective platform’s account funds. 

While EcoPayz users will need to pay attention to a few specifics in order to acquire their card, it’s generally quite straightforward. EcoPayz charges no fees for ordering, registration, or membership and charges a set fee for delivery based on the user’s home country. Those in the UK will pay a measly €10.00 for delivery, whereas users in the EEA will pay €30.00.

EcoPayz MasterCard users have a varied daily limit based on their account tier:

  • Silver: €750 (cash purchases) and €4,000 for standard daily purchases
  • Gold and Above: €1,000 (cash purchases) and €4,800 for standard daily purchases.

The EcoPayz MasterCard is accepted in all EEA countries and the UK and is available in eight global currencies.

Revolut users, on the other hand, gain access to a wide range of both physical and virtual cards that are gained through various subscription tiers. Premium users gain access to three prepaid MasterCards and a single virtual MasterCard, whereas Metal users gain the previous cards along with a steel contactless MasterCard.

Ultimately, the Revolut MasterCard is an excellent choice for those who already make use of the service. If, however, you’re just looking for a way to use your e-wallet funds seamlessly, the EcoPayz card is cheaper over time (no subscription) and is accepted in a broad range of countries.

Rewards & Security

And now we make it to what is perhaps the most mechanically important aspect of any e-money provider – their security. After that, we’ll make it into the rewards that each service offers, but first we must address their ability to keep your money safe.

EcoPayz and Revolut are both regulated by several governmental bodies (the FCA and FDIC, among others), ensuring they’re both kept to an incredibly high security standard. Both make use of the most modern security features, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), though Revolut also allows users to make use of biometric security features on mobile.

As for rewards, both have quite a few things to offer. Obviously, VIP users already get a number of rewards. However, there is more to the story for both.

Revolut offers Premium and Metal users access to the Perks Plus program, offering up to 30% cashback,* which can be seen through the Widgets tab of your Revolut app.

EcoPayz offers a slightly different take on rewards. They encourage users to upgrade their VIP level with multiple forms of extra perks and only giving cashback to the top level of users.

VIP-tier users gain 0.50% cashback on eligible transactions through EcoPayz. Other users aren’t left entirely in the dark on EcoPayz, though, thanks to EwalletUpgrades.

We offer EcoPayz members the opportunity to link their accounts with EwalletUpgrades to gain access to a number of perks detailed under “EcoPayz VIP” above. Or you can read the full page here.

*On eligible purchases; the percentage of cashback varies heavily on several factors.

Can You Send Money From EcoPayz to Revolut?

You cannot send money from EcoPayz to Revolut, at least directly. 

While users can deposit and withdraw funds to the same bank account from both services, they cannot directly send money from one to the other. While withdrawing to your bank account from Revolut and then depositing to EcoPayz is a hassle, it is a workaround. 

That’s better than being entirely unable to transfer the funds, right?

The Verdict

While EcoPayz and Revolut are both excellent services, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself to determine which is best for you.

How do you want to spend your money?

If you prefer to use a physical or virtual card, Revolut offers a number of excellent options in that regard. However, EcoPayz is far superior when it comes to bank transfers – especially if you want your funds to show up quickly. 

How fast do you want your funds to appear?

While Revolut does support SWIFT and SEPA Instant Credit Transfers, those are situational – EcoPayz is nearly immediate for pretty much every type of common transaction.

Where do you live?

Revolut operates in the US along with the UK and EEA. EcoPayz, on the other hand, doesn’t have any operations in the United States. So – if you live in the US, Revolut is likely better for you. If you live just about anywhere else in the world, EcoPayz is more widely accepted and offers more forms of currency.

What do you plan to do with the account?

Revolut carries a monthly cost, unlike EcoPayz. This means that if you plan to consistently use the account, Revolut may offer more to you – especially if you want insurance or fly (for business) regularly.

EcoPayz, on the other hand, is designed for people who want to make a living off their accounts. Forex traders, crypto enthusiasts, and gamblers alike love EcoPayz for its incredibly low fees and generous VIP programme, making it ideally suited for those users. 

EcoPayz wins out especially well for forex traders, as they don’t have restrictions (and fees) on when you can and cannot trade. It is worth noting, however, that Revolut’s crypto programme is ever so slightly better due to a free monthly transaction limit of up to €1,000 and a slightly (0.5%) lower fee.

Are you looking for a personal or business account?

Revolut is ultimately more suited to business accounts as most of its upper-tier benefits involve travel, insurance, and business expenses. EcoPayz, on the other hand, is catered more specifically to individuals. 

While both can serve private account holders, EcoPayz is certainly more geared to them than Revolut. You can find out more about what EwalletUpgrades partnered with EcoPayz can provide you in the section below.

We are an approved Payz partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

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