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MuchBetter Account Limits

MuchBetter is one of the world’s most widely accepted e-money services, and for good reason. They offer incredibly competitive rates, free sign-up and verification, and allow users to gain a handful of extra helpful perks. But if you’re new to the platform, it can be a bit overwhelming; there’s a lot to worry about, all at once.

But we felt that was silly, so we set out to fix it. MuchBetter’s account limits are so easy to understand once you know where to look – so look below. We have a quick and easy guide and answer a couple of the most commonly asked questions on the web related to MuchBetter’s account limits.

MuchBetter Limits 101

MuchBetter has done a great job of making its limits super simple to understand, so let’s just get into things. This will be a short and sweet little guy, so buckle up – you don’t want to miss anything.

What Are the MuchBetter Limits?

MuchBetter breaks its limits down into a handful of overarching general types: card and ATM limits, contactless payment limits, and general limits. Let’s break those down a bit more, yeah?

General Limits

These are the limits that are applied to all accounts. As you progress through your account (from registering to verification, and eventually through the loyalty programme), these limits will gradually rise.

The limits applied to all MuchBetter accounts are measured by currency unit, meaning that it applies to all currencies equally (regardless of the exchange rate). In other words, if your account is limited to $2,500 per day and you moved to Germany or the UK, it would be £2,500 or €2,500.

Here is the general limit for all accounts on MuchBetter:

  • £150 total limit for your account before verification
  • £2,500 total limit for your account (stored and spent) after verification

This rises as you gain loyalty tiers.

Card & ATM Limits

The MasterCard and ATM limits for MuchBetter users are pretty similar in that they’re quite easy to understand. The MasterCard and ATM limits are as follows:

  • MuchBetter MasterCard POS (merchant) limits:
    • Daily: 5 transactions totalling £300 or less
    • Monthly: 15 transactions totalling £2,000 or less
    • Annual: 180 transactions totalling £20,000 or less
  • ATM Limits:
    • *Spending limit (after verification) by time:

Users may contact the MuchBetter Help Desk or request help via the app to increase their limits.

*This spending limit is applied to Point of Sale (POS) systems; in other words, it applies to all accepted merchants and is measured by the day, month, and year for overall spending. 

Contactless Payment Limits

Contactless Payment is a bit different, as some users are able to use a contactless payment FOB to complete transitions with specific merchants. There are incredibly strict limits placed on this FOB to prevent potential theft or fraud, limited to a number of transactions rather than monetary value. 

All MuchBetter contactless FOB users are able to make five (5) transactions with their FOB before it locks for security. 

You may enter your mobile app and un-freeze the FOB, gaining an additional five transactions with your secure PIN. Users must repeat this process to gain more transactions every time, without exception.

What is the Limit of an Unverified MuchBetter Account?

As mentioned above, unverified MuchBetter accounts have extremely limited usage of their accounts. Unverified MuchBetter users are only able to have a maximum of £150 combined across deposits, withdrawals (which you can’t do until verified), and transactions.

How Much Money Can You Have on MuchBetter?

MuchBetter users are able to have a pretty hefty bit of money on their account. While this will vary based on your loyalty tier, there is a general rule of thumb – you can have as much money as your current account status allows you to deposit. 

Some users (unverified users) will only be able to keep £150 in MuchBetter. Other top-tier users are capable of having over £90,000 in their account at any given time. To discover your maximum account balance, check out your MuchBetter profile under “Top Up.”


Ultimately, MuchBetter has perfectly streamlined its business to be as simple to understand as possible. Whereas some similar services greet you with a host of various fees and limits, MuchBetter tries to keep things simple – which we can appreciate. The only major limits you’ll need to worry about are the  “general” limits on your account, those on your card (if you have one), and limits for contactless, ATM, and POS transactions.

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