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MuchBetter Verification How-To & FAQ

If you’re trying to figure out how to verify your MuchBetter account, you’re in the right place. MuchBetter is one of the most widely accepted e-money services on the market, and they’ve done a shockingly good job of streamlining the process – especially when compared to similar services. 

Considering that EwalletUpgrades and MuchBetter have been in business for over 3 years, it feels only right that we provide a handy little guide to make the process somehow even easier. 

MuchBetter Verification 101

Let’s start you out with the basics – you know, the actual process of verification. Once we’ve done that, we can move into answering a few questions, providing some advice, and then wrap for the day – deal?

Step-by-Step Guide to MuchBetter Verification

Considering that verification is one of the most important steps to creating your MuchBetter account, it makes sense that they’ve streamlined the process. This is quite good news, as verification is the only way for users to gain access to all that MuchBetter offers. If you want lowered fees, higher limits, and more handy little benefits, keep reading.

For verification, you’ll only need a couple of things:

  • A valid, government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.)
  • A modern cell phone with a functional self-facing camera
  • Roughly five minutes
  • Internet access

Here’s how to verify a MuchBetter account:

  1. Log in to the MuchBetter mobile app.
  2. Click “Verify Me” on your home screen.
  3. Select the country that issued the ID you’re using and follow the instructions.
    • You’ll be asked to scan the front and back of your ID with your phone camera. Be sure to place it on a clear (one-colour) background with proper lighting and to take a non-blurred photo to prevent needing to repeat this process. Be sure to turn off flash for this and your next step.
  4. Take a selfie with your phone.
    • Make this a front-facing photo – you’re aiming to replicate an ID picture for comparison. That means no glasses, no mask, no hair covering your face – just trust me.
  5. Wait. The verification process generally takes around one minute.
  6. You will receive an SMS notification confirming your verification.
  7. You’re done verifying your MuchBetter account – congratulations!

If you’re curious about your verification and haven’t received an SMS message, head to your MuchBetter account. Click “More” > “Limits” > “Raise My Limits.” Verified accounts will have drastically higher account limits and will be marked as “verified.”

MuchBetter Verification FAQ

And here is where we answer all of the most commonly asked questions related to MuchBetter verification. Most of these are pretty quick and easy, but be sure to peruse through – you’ll find quite a bit of handy information.

Can I use MuchBetter without verification?

Yes, you can use MuchBetter without verifying your account.

However, failure to verify one’s account can have a few less than ideal consequences, such as:

  • Higher fees
  • Lower account limits
  • Limited account usage/access to features
  • No MuchBetter MasterCard

Considering that verification is not only free but takes a matter of maybe five minutes, it really doesn’t seem entirely worth avoiding verification, does it?

Do you have to verify your MuchBetter account?

Once again, no – you do not have to verify your MuchBetter account.

Verification unlocks a swathe of handy benefits, though. Verified accounts have higher account limits, lower fees on specific transactions, and access to the full suite of MuchBetter features. Unverified accounts are restricted to a very strict (and low) monthly limit and are only able to send, receive, and convert funds.

Can I withdraw from MuchBetter without verification?

No – unverified MuchBetter accounts are unable to withdraw funds. 

While this may seem frustrating, it’s a matter of security. And considering that the FCA closely monitors MuchBetter to ensure they stay within the letter of the law, that makes sense. Financial institutions are required to verify the identity of all users; just as MasterCard needs to know it’s you (and not Jim from Montana) signing up for the card, so too does MuchBetter.

Think about it for a second – verification ensures that your money goes to you – so it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

Can I receive money on MuchBetter without verifying?

Yes, you can receive money on MuchBetter without verification. 

While you will be unable to withdraw the funds, you’re more than capable of receiving them. Be sure to verify your account to prevent being unable to withdraw your money.

How much time does MuchBetter take to verify?

MuchBetter verifies in a matter of roughly sixty (60) seconds. 

This is far faster than many similar services that can take up to five (or more!) business days to finish verifying. Realistically, that translates to one thing – there’s no reason not to verify. It takes a matter of minutes and is free; seriously, what more could you need?

Can I send money on MuchBetter without verifying?

Yes, you can send money on MuchBetter without verifying your account.

Keep in mind that MuchBetter accounts are only capable of sending money to wallets in the same country (UK to the UK, India to India, etc.).

Why did MuchBetter reject my documents?

Generally, MuchBetter rejects documents because they are either expired, invalid, or don’t represent the information given during registration.

This boils down to a few things, though the most important is attention to detail. Among the most common causes of rejected documents on MuchBetter are: 

  1. You misspelt or incorrectly entered information during your registration.
    • Typos, incorrect birth dates, improperly-spelt addresses, or fake names are quite common causes.
    • This is why we say to correctly enter information during registration – if you don’t, you may be entirely unable to verify your MuchBetter account.
  2. The documents are invalid or expired.
    • Always be positive that your ID is up-to-date, don’t give ID from a different country than you listed during registration, and don’t try to use a school ID or similar type of non-valid identification.
  3. The photo(s) of you and/or your ID is too blurry, dark, or unclear to read.
    • Take photos in a well-lit area with a dark, single-colour background and avoid objects covering your face.
    • Camera flash can cause this, too – so turn it off.
    • The document must be an original; photocopies and digital copies are not accepted.


Ultimately, MuchBetter’s verification process is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. It’s faster than most similar services, taking only 60 seconds to accomplish, and it’s entirely free! While you will need a few minutes to do the actual process (along with a decent bit of paperwork), verifying on MuchBetter is truly simple. 

By following the guide above, you’ll be verified in no time and gain access to several awesome perks. So what’re you waiting for? Get going! Or sign up to our preferred partner below and receive a nice bonus upgrade!

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