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Neteller Fees And How To Reduce Them Via Volume Kings

Neteller has a lot of fine details to keep in mind when first getting started. One of the more confusing aspects of their business for many users is their fees – so today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Neteller’s fees. We’ll also answer some commonly-asked questions related to what Neteller charges fees for, what they offer for free, and why they charge the fees that they do.

Neteller Fees 101

Let’s start with the most important thing – an actual breakdown of Neteller’s most common fees, sorted by account status. After that, we can talk about why Neteller charges the fees they do, what they charge to do, what they don’t, and more.

Neteller Fees Explained

Now, I’m going to apologize right off the bat. This is going to be a very number-dense section, but there’s really nothing to do about it. Just rest easy knowing that if you’re tired of numbers, I’m a writer – maths is the bane of my existence. Now – here are all of Neteller’s fees in one, easy-to-find spot:

  1. Regular Registration:
    • Free for all users.
  2. Verification:
    • €10.00 for all users without signing up through EwalletUpgrades.
    • Free for all EwalletUpgrades + Neteller users
  3. Multicurrency Account?
    • All accounts are multicurrency.
  4. Neteller Deposit via bank/Visa/Mastercard:
    • 2.5% for all users.
  5. Bank Withdrawal:
    • Neteller Standard-Neteller Fast Silver: €10.00
    • Neteller Gold VIP and Above: Free.
  6. P2P Transfers:
    • Neteller Standard: From 1.45% – 4.49%
    • All other users: Free.
  7. Currency Conversion:
    • Neteller Standard: 3.99%
    • Neteller Silver: 3.19%
    • Fast Silver VIP: 3.19%
    • Neteller Gold: 2.79%
    • Neteller Diamond: 2.39%
    • Neteller Exclusive: 1.29%
  8. Commission on Deposit/Withdrawal:
    • Neteller Stardard – Fast Silver VIP: No.
    • Neteller Gold and Above: Yes.
  9. Max Limits on Deposit/Transfer:
    • Neteller Standard – Silver: No.
    • Neteller Fast Silver VIP and Above: Yes.
  10. Neteller Cashback:
    • Only for Neteller Exclusive VIP: 0.50%

It’s worth noting that no matter your VIP or verification status, all accounts have the following fees and conditions attached to them:

  1. All accounts are free to open (though non-VolumkeKings-connected users will need to pay a $5 deposit to verify).
  2. Sending money to merchants is free with all accounts (though P2P transfers are not free for non-VIP members).
  3. All accounts that are inactive for more than one calendar year will be charged a $5 account maintenance fee.

Does Neteller Charge to Send Money?

This answer varies on your chosen method of sending money. Instant bank transfers are generally both free and instant, whereas card transactions come with a small fee for non-VIP users.

VIP users (Silver or higher) can send money to other Neteller users for no fee, and all users can send money to merchants without fees.

For more detailed information, you can either inspect the graphic above for a list of the most common fees or head to the Neteller Fees page. If you opt for the latter option, be sure to select your home country and language in the top right-hand corner for information accurate to your location.

Why Does Neteller Charge to Withdraw?

Neteller charges users to withdraw because it’s industry standard for P2P lenders, e-wallets, and similar services, regardless of where you live. Generally, these fees will be limited to a negligible amount, usually less than £10.

Fortunately, though (as mentioned above), Neteller’s fees are actually quite competitive. They charge less than many other similar services do for the same privileges, and try to keep it to a reasonable fee for all users – though obviously, VIP users get more favourable fees.

Why is Neteller So Expensive?

Now, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it – you saw that there are fees for multiple types of transactions, so obviously, Neteller does cost something. So, here are a few bits of important data to keep in mind when looking at Neteller fees:

  1. All deposits to merchants are completely free of charge. No hidden fees, no sneaky charges – it’s actually free.
  2. P2P transactions charge a negligible fee to standard users, and VIP users don’t pay anything for P2P transactions.
    • Standard users pay 1.45% – 4.49% for P2P transactions. That’s only €1.45-4.49 per €100 – that’s literally less than you spend on coffee every day; it’s not expensive.
  3. Registering for an account is free, and connecting your Neteller account to EwalletUpgrades makes verification free, too.
  4. You’ll only incur regular fees on withdrawals and deposits, and as you gain VIP levels, those fees become so small that you really won’t even notice them.

It’s also worth noting that most P2P lenders/services charge fees between 1-6%, and they’re generally much higher than those Neteller charges. Hell, MasterCard charges 2.99% for cash withdrawals on almost all cards in the U.K., with a minimum of £2.99. That free P2P fee and cash withdrawal fee seems pretty nice now, doesn’t it?

For more information, visit Neteller’s Fees page. Be sure to select your home country/language in the top right-hand corner to get information accurate to your location.


While there seems to be a bit of confusion around Neteller’s fees, they’re really both pretty straightforward and quite reasonable. Neteller generally keeps their fees below the industry average, limits how much you’ll pay in fees to keep costs on your part down, and treats their VIP members very well. 

If you’re tired of paying fees on simple transactions, connect your Neteller and EwalletUpgrades accounts – you’ll unlock Fast Silver VIP, ensuring you get those reduced fees faster than with any other option. 

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