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Neteller Limits And How To Increase Them Via EwalletUpgrades

Neteller is a super handy tool when you know how to use it, but there are a few questions that we see time and again specifically related to Neteller account limits. While this isn’t nearly as complicated as some have made it, there are a few quite important questions that need answering. Specifically, what are the Neteller limits, how much can you keep in your account at any point, and whether or not verified and unverified accounts have different limits.

Neteller Limits 101

First off, we need to talk basics – specifically, what are the limits for Neteller accounts of varying statuses? We can move into the more nitty-gritty shortly after that, but first – let’s clarify a few things.

What Are the Neteller Limits?

You can find the limits for Neteller accounts listed below. 

We’re going to focus on Neteller Standard and Neteller Silver VIP accounts, as those are where the largest changes occur. Once you move past Silver VIP status, the limits and fees on your account will drop more, but there will be fewer major changes. 

The two most heavily limited types of transactions on Neteller are withdrawals and deposits, so let’s look at those:

Credit Card Deposit LimitNeteller to Neteller Limits
Neteller Standard User$2,500$5,000-10,000, varying on your account status (Neteller Standard vs. True)
Neteller Silver VIP or Higher$15,000 per transaction$50,000

Your withdrawal limits will vary on the same factors. Neteller Standard users will be unable to withdraw at all, whereas Neteller True users (those who have verified) will have limited withdrawals, and VIP users will have much better limits on withdrawal across all methods.

Those who connect their Neteller account to EwalletUpgrades will be verified for free, in a fraction of the time (12 hours vs. 2-5 business days), and will get Fast Silver VIP status. This reduces the barrier to entry for Neteller Silver VIP status, making it easier and faster to get access to all of the great VIP perks Neteller offers. You can sign up through EwalletUpgrades here.

If you’d like to find your specific limits, click on the “Money In” (deposit limits) or “Money Out” (withdrawal limits) button on the leftmost sidebar of your Neteller account homepage.

What is the Limit of an Unverified Neteller Account?

The limits for unverified Neteller accounts are quite slim. While this may be frustrating to some, there is a very good reason for this – Neteller wants to make sure it’s actually you spending your money. And can you really blame them? It’s a lot of responsibility to handle the money of millions of users, so they take the more secure route.

While the limits to your Neteller e-wallet will vary country-to-country, the general range for unverified account limits is between $150-500 (converted to your local currency), usually on the lower end of the spectrum. It’s worth noting that your account can be locked before verifying or reaching your limit – which is exactly why we always encourage new users to just bite the bullet and verify.

While the standard verification process can take up to five business days and requires a small ($5, or your local equivalent) deposit, there is a better way. Connecting your account to EwalletUpgrades immediately removes the deposit requirement (making this process free) and verifies your account within twelve hours. Additionally, it makes accessing Neteller Silver VIP drastically more achievable for the everyday user – read our VIP article to learn more.

How Much Money Can You Have on Neteller?

You guessed it – I’m going to say it again. The amount of money you can have on Neteller will vary based on your account status. Standard users will have very limited usage of their account before verification and will unlock a few slightly raised limits after verifying:

Unverified AccountVerified Account
Transaction Limits (Daily)$5,000-10,000$50,000
Card Withdrawal Limits (Daily)$1,000$3,300

VIP users, on the other hand, are another story. Starting at VIP Silver, you’ll have drastically increased limits (usually 1.5-2 times the initial limit), with limits only raising as your VIP status increases.

It’s worth noting that, for the most part, Neteller doesn’t limit how much you can keep in your account. While they’ll prevent you from uploading more than a certain amount in any given time period (your daily, weekly, and monthly limits), you can upload as much as you’d like within those limits. For example, VIP users can make a maximum one-time deposit of $50,000, whereas non-VIP users can only make a one-time (daily) deposit of up to $10,000.

You will, however, be charged fees for deposits and withdrawals, which are percentage-based, meaning the more you move around at once, the more you’ll pay in fees (though, obviously, these fees are heavily reduced for VIP users).


With all said and done, the limits for Neteller accounts are pretty straightforward. Unverified (Neteller Standard) accounts have the lowest limits, generally relegated to $150-500 per day, whereas verified (Neteller True) users will have much higher limits. As you continue to use Neteller and gain VIP status, you’ll have drastically increased limits (sometimes up to 5 times higher) and will gain access to a number of other handy-dandy features.

Registering your Neteller account via EwalletUpgrades will make the process of acquiring Silver VIP drastically more accessible and simpler, and will ensure you’re verified within a matter of hours, rather than days. In short, connecting EwalletUpgrades and Neteller is the best surefire way to increase your limits quickly. Fill in the form below to join today!

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