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Neteller Registration – How To Create A New Account & FAQ’s

Neteller is an excellent e-money transfer service – it offers extremely secure access to funds for a number of uses, and makes it super simple to do so. But in order to take advantage of all that Neteller offers, you’ll need to register for an account first. So today, we’re breaking down all of the basics of Neteller registration. From a step-by-step guide to the fine details of what you will and won’t need, we’ve got it all.

So what are we discussing today?

Neteller Registration 101

Let’s start with the bare basics – actually registering for an account. From there, we’ll break down whether or not you need an ID, a credit card, or a bank account, and discuss the requirements for registration on Neteller. 

Step-by-Step Neteller Registration

Now, we can’t really write a registration article for Neteller without teaching how to register on Neteller, can we? So, that’s where we’re starting – and we’ve got a couple of surprises in store for you, so stay tuned.

To register for Neteller, do the following:

  1. Begin here (Neteller homepage)
  2. Enter your information, including your first and last name, country & desired currency, and your email, and select a (secure) password.
    • Do not use a VPN, proxy, or IP masking service – Neteller will automatically ban accounts that use these.
  3. Set your account preferences. This includes selecting your country of residence and desired currency (this sets it as your account default).
  4. Next, you will either receive an email prompting you to finish verifying your account, or you will be automatically forwarded to the “Your Details” screen. From here:
    • Enter your birth date, gender, home address, and mobile phone number.
    • Be sure to enter all of this accurately – you will need to verify it shortly.
  5. You’ll be prompted to verify both your phone and email address with a 2-factor authentication PIN.
  6. Create your Secure ID – this is a secure 6-digit security measure that will be used to authenticate transactions. The number must:
    • Be exactly 6 digits
    • Include at least two different digits
    • Contain no consecutive number sequences (123, 456789, etc.)
  7. Locate your Neteller Personal ID.
    • This is the 12-digit number listed below “Account Overview” in your Neteller profile. Keep track of it somewhere, and copy it to your clipboard for now.
  8. You’re registered! Now it’s time to connect your EwalletUpgrades and Neteller accounts, so skip down here if you want to get right to it.

Users who use a VPN or IP masking service will see this message from Neteller during registration.

Neteller Joining Bonus

While Neteller doesn’t offer a “joining bonus” per se, when signing up to Neteller through EwalletUpgrades you will. We break this down below, but this is one of those questions that we see so often that it needs to be restated for posterity.

Neteller doesn’t offer a joining bonus in any form. 

However, users who connect their EwalletUpgrades and Neteller accounts gain access to several previously mentioned perks such as fast and free verification, lowered fees, and raised account limits. In order to do this you will need your email address you signed up to Neteller with and your Neteller account ID number.

How To Find Your Neteller Account ID Number

To find your Neteller account ID number log into your Neteller account and click ‘settings’ then  personal details. It is the number shown below your name.

Neteller & EwalletUpgrades Sign Up Bonus

And now we’re in the fun part of the process – this is where you get rewarded just for registering. 

In the step-by-step process above, I mentioned that you should copy your Neteller ID to your clipboard – this is why. From here, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 shown here

So why exactly did we have you do this? To get free stuff, of course!

Among the things you get for this simple, short process are:

  • Free Neteller verification, no deposit required
  • Priority Neteller verification (12 hours rather than 2-5 business days)
  • Free Neteller Fast Silver VIP status
  • Reduced Neteller Silver VIP hurdle ($6,000 rather than $15,000)
  • Discounted Neteller 3.19% forex fee, usually 3.99%
  • Free Neteller Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers

What’re you waiting for? Get going!

What Do I Need To Create A Neteller Account?

In order to create a Neteller account, you actually don’t need much. To create a Neteller account, you need the following:

  • Name
  • $5-10 (in your local currency) for an initial deposit
  • Functional email
  • Phone number
  • A home address (and a letter or bill with it listed in your name for verification)

That’s it! While you’ll need a couple of extras to verify your account, registration is really quite simple. We’re going to address a few extra specifics in the upcoming subsections, so stay tuned for more details on what you’ll need for a basic Neteller account.

Do You Need A Credit Card For Neteller?

You don’t need a credit card for Neteller. You can also use a bank account (recommended) for transfers and withdrawals, as well as debit cards (which are technically not credit cards).

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Neteller?

In order to use Neteller, you must be at least 18 years of age. This is one of the few hard-and-fast rules with Neteller that doesn’t vary by country. 

You can find more information in the Neteller Terms of Use, with age-specific information listed in subsection 4.1.1. Be sure to select your language/country of residence in the top righthand corner for information relevant to your home country.

Do You Need A Bank Account For Neteller?

This is another situation like that with the credit card above. While you don’t need a bank account to use Neteller, it comes with a number of benefits. 

Specifically, VIP members have pretty heavily-reduced fees on transfers and withdrawals from bank accounts, and bank transfers generally clear much faster than credit/debit card transfers.

Do You Need an ID For Neteller?

While you don’t need an ID to register for Neteller, the verification process will require a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. 

And once again, while you don’t have to verify your Neteller account, doing so comes with a number of benefits. You’ll be able to withdraw funds, you’ll have better limits on transfers, and will be able to actually use Neteller to its fullest. 

If you want to verify quickly, for free, and gain fast Silver VIP status, connect your EwalletUpgrades and Neteller account, and you’ll be a verified member within twelve hours.


After all is said and done, registration on Neteller is a breeze. It’s entirely free and takes a matter of minutes to enter, and if you connect EWU to your Neteller account, verification is also free (and far faster). While Neteller doesn’t offer any form of joining or sign-up bonus, EwalletUpgrades does, allowing you to use Neteller to its fullest extent from step one. 

So if you want to gamble, trade forex, invest in crypto, or just send and receive money between friends, Neteller is an excellent choice, especially when paired with EwalletUpgrades.

We are an approved Neteller partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

  • Get NETELLER fast silver VIP status for FREE
  • Get NETELLER silver VIP for only $6,000
  • FREE Verification (no deposit required!)
  • Priority verification (less than 12 hours!)
  • FREE P2P transfers
  • Discounted 3.19% forex fee (usually 3.99%)

Click the button below to register at Neteller (or skip to step 2 if you are already registered):

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