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Neteller vs. EcoPayz Comparison – Ewallet specialist Review

When it comes to e-money providers, there are a lot of choices out there. Services like Neteller and EcoPayz offer excellent options to send and receive money internationally and allow users to trade forex, invest in crypto, and gamble online with peace of mind. But, not all such services are created equally – so, between Neteller and EcoPayz, who wins?

Neteller vs. EcoPayz: The Breakdown

First things first, we need to talk about the differences between Neteller and EcoPayz. While both offer similar services, there are a few key details to keep in mind when picking one over the other. We’re going to be focusing on the four most important parts of any e-money service:

  • The VIP Programme
  • Fees
  • Cards
  • Rewards & Security

Now – let’s see the breakdown!

Comparing Neteller vs. EcoPayz: VIP 

Both Neteller and EcoPayz offer a number of super handy VIP benefits through varying tiers. But they do have specific, crucial differences that need to be highlighted. 

We’ll be focusing on the benefits of Neteller’s Fast Silver VIP and EcoPayz’s Gold VIP and up for each service, as that’s where the benefits for EwalletUpgrades users kick into play. You can click here to link up either of your accounts to EwalletUpgrades here:

Multicurrency Account?

Both Neteller and EcoPayz have multicurrency accounts for all VIP users.

Quarterly Transaction Limits for VIP Account:

  • Neteller:
    • Fast Silver: $6,000
    • Gold: $45,000
    • Diamond: $150,000
    • Exclusive: $600,000
  • EcoPayz:
    • Gold: €5,000
    • Platinum: €50,000 deposited with merchants
    • VIP: €250,000 deposited with merchants

Maximum Account Balance:

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: $50,000 (one-time transaction limit) with no hard account balance limit.
  • EcoPayz Gold VIP and above: €100,000 – €120,000, no limit on VIP tier user accounts.


  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: No cashback for users below Neteller Exclusive VIP (0.50% cashback)
  • EcoPayz Gold VIP and above: Available to EwalletUpgrades EcoPayz Gold VIP users (you can link your account here).

For a full breakdown of the Neteller and EcoPayz VIP programs, you can check out our Neteller VIP and EcoPayz VIP guides.

Comparing Neteller vs. EcoPayz: Fees

If you don’t want to read through this list, you can find the full list of both parties’ fees in the links below. Be sure to select your country for fees accurate to your home country: 

  1. Neteller
  2. EcoPayz

Forex Fee: 

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: 3.19% – 1.29%
  • EcoPayz Gold VIP and above: 1.49% – 1.25%

Bank Withdrawal Fees:

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: $10 (or equivalent), no fee after Silver VIP
  • EcoPayz Gold VIP and above: €5.90-10.00, varying by institution and third-party fees. 

P2P Transfers:

P2P transfers are free for all Neteller Fast Silver and EcoPayz Gold users and above.

Merchant Transactions:

Free for all Neteller Fast Silver and above users, free for all EcoPayz users.

Account Management:

Free for both EcoPayz and Neteller users of all accounts.

Inactivity Fee: 

  • Neteller: $5 per month after one year.
  • EcoPayz: €1.5 per month after one year.

Credit Card Deposit Fee: 

  • Neteller: 2.5% 
  • EcoPayz: 1.69-6.00% + €.25

ATM Withdrawal Fee: 

  • Neteller: 1.75% fee, $6 minimum
  • EcoPayz: 2%, €1.50 minimum

Overall, both are good services. They both offer excellent options for free merchant and P2P transactions, making each quite well-suited to online gaming, crypto investment, or forex trading.

Those who foresee using either platform more for Forex will find that the fees on EcoPayz are much lower for users who connect their EWU and EcoPayz account – though Neteller is still an excellent choice for foreign currency exchange. Alternatively, Neteller is slightly better for most withdrawal fees, though their deposit fees are slightly higher for credit cards. If you see yourself only using either account rarely, Neteller has a single annual inactivity fee, whereas EcoPayz charges you monthly.

All in all, both are great services, but you need to know what you’re looking for. 

Comparing Neteller vs. EcoPayz: Cards

We’ll be focusing on EcoPayz Gold and Neteller Fast Silver and above, as those are where both services begin to offer a MasterCard and where the EwalletUpgrades benefits begin to kick into play.

For both services, all general support like PIN resets will be entirely free of charge.

Ordering Fee:

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: $10
  • EcoPayz Gold and above: Free.

Delivery Fee:

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: Free.
  • EcoPayz Gold and above: £10.00 in the UK, £30.00 in the EEA

Membership (Annual or Monthly):

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: $10 (annual)
  • EcoPayz Gold and above: Free.

Daily Limits:

  • Neteller Fast Silver and above: $1,000-3,000 (depending on VIP Tier)
  • EcoPayz Gold and above: €750 for cash, €4,000 for purchases (depending on VIP Tier)

Available Currencies:

  • Neteller: EUR & 20+ other global currencies.
  • EcoPayz: Available in 8 currencies – EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, DKK, CZN, NOK, SEK

Available Countries:

  • Neteller: All EEA Member Countries and the UK
  • EcoPayz: All EEA Member Countries and the UK

Card Reissue Fee:

Neteller Fast Silver and above: €10.00

EcoPayz Gold and above: €12.50

With all said and done, both cards are excellent choices. 

Overall, the EcoPayz card is slightly cheaper and has lower fees for general use. The Neteller card is better in terms of shipping fees (especially for those in EEA countries), but they also charge a membership fee. Neteller has access to twelve more global currencies, so ultimately, it boils down to your specific needs.

Comparing Neteller vs. EcoPayz: Rewards & Security

Both Neteller and EcoPayz are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as UK-based companies, and Neteller is also regulated by the Bank of Ireland. As such, they’re both held to incredibly high standards in relation to security.

They both offer a number of top-notch security features:


  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology: Yes.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Yes.
  • Fees On Inaccurate Registration: Yes.


  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology: Yes.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Yes.
  • Fees On Inaccurate Registration: No.

When it comes to security, you need to know two things – that the service you choose actively encrypts their website and that they offer 2FA. Luckily, both Neteller and EcoPayz offer 2FA, and SSL encryption. In fact, SSL is some of the most advanced encryption available – so both are quite safe.

It’s worth noting that Neteller charges a $150 fee to users to inaccurately report information during registration. While some may not be stoked about this, it means that all Neteller users are held to a standard with financial repercussions for misreporting their identity. EcoPayz doesn’t offer this, for better or for worse.

As for rewards, the only real difference between the two comes in the form of cashback. EcoPayz offers cashback to Gold VIP users and above (gained near-instantly through EwalletUpgrades), whereas Neteller only offers cashback to its highest tier of user – Exclusive VIP. 

Overall, EcoPayz wins in terms of rewards for users, whereas Neteller just barely wins for security – though EcoPayz is incredibly secure, no matter how you cut it.

Can You Send Money From Neteller to EcoPayz?

No, you cannot send money from Neteller to EcoPayz or vice versa.

However, you can use a workaround to do this – you’re able to transfer cryptocurrency (primarily Bitcoin and Ethereum) between crypto wallets using both services, and you’re able to make withdrawals and deposits to both cards and bank accounts.

As such, if you want to move money between Neteller and EcoPayz, you’ll be able to withdraw funds from one into your bank or card account and then deposit them into the other. While this isn’t ideal, it’s better than being entirely unable to move funds between services – as is common with services like PayPal.

The Verdict

Overall, both services are excellent for online gambling, forex trading, cryptocurrency investment, merchant transactions, and P2P money transfers. While their fees and limits vary slightly between platforms, each provides incredibly competitive rates on all offerings and rewards VIP users just for using their money. 

If you foresee using either platform a lot, then the cashback perks of EcoPayz make them a tempting choice. But if you’re hoping to exchange crypto consistently, Neteller may be the better choice, as they count the value of deposited crypto towards VIP thresholds, making it easier to reduce your fees and raise limits. No matter which service you end up opting to use, both benefit greatly by connecting EwalletUpgrades to your Neteller or EcoPayz account. 

Volume Kings will get you into the game faster, for less up-front cost, and ensure you start out paying drastically lower fees with far higher limits than most first-time users can expect. For a full list of all the benefits EwalletUpgrades offers for each Ewallet, use the links below.

For Neteller click here to sign up or link your account to EwalletUpgrades.

For EcoPayz click here to sign up or link your account to EwalletUpgrades.

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