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Neteller vs. PayPal Comparison – Ewallet specialist Review

Both PayPal and Neteller are increasingly popular e-wallet services that offer a handful of super helpful services. But we’ve noticed a trend of late – people don’t seem to know the actual differences between the two. So today, we’re answering a few questions and breaking down the key differences between the two. Whether you’re just trying to send money from Neteller to PayPal, or you want to know which is best for your needs, you’re in the right place.

Neteller vs. Paypal: The Breakdown


Now, the very first thing that needs to be addressed is that Neteller and PayPal are similar but, crucially, not the same. Their security systems for payment transactions are different, they’re designed for quite varied purposes, and their global availability is also quite different. 

Now – let’s get you a few hard-and-fast answers to the differences between Neteller and PayPal.

Comparing Neteller vs. Paypal: VIP

The VIP program (or lack thereof) is one of the largest differences between Neteller and PayPal. While Neteller has an incredibly well thought out and highly rewarding VIP program, PayPal has opted to completely avoid a rewards program. 

As such, there are a number of things that you can expect to find on Neteller, but not on PayPal.

  1. ATM Withdrawal Limits: 
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver VIP and up – $1,000 per day, increasing to $3,300 per day with further VIP levels.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  2. ATM Withdrawal Fees:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver VIP and up – 1.75%, changing to a flat $6 fee with further VIP benefits.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  3. Annual Complimentary Reward Points:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver VIP and up – Minimum of 9,000 complimentary points per year, increasing up to 50,000 at the tip VIP tiers.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  4. Foreign Transaction Fees:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver and up – 3.19% Forex fee, decreasing as VIP tiers go up.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  5. Money Transfer (P2P) Fee:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver and up – No charges for P2P transactions, ever.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  6. Multicurrency Account:
    • Neteller: All Neteller VIP accounts are multicurrency accounts.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  7. Discounts on Deposits/Withdrawals:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver and up – Increasing discounts on deposit and withdrawal fees after Gold VIP tier or higher.
    • PayPal: No benefits.
  8. Next-Day Payouts:
    • Neteller: From Fast Silver and up – Next-day payouts are available for Gold VIP and higher Neteller users.
    • PayPal: No benefits.

Why Neteller VIP?

As you can tell, Neteller is an excellent platform for those who plan to use it regularly. Whether you’re gambling, trading forex, buying and selling cryptocurrency, or simply sending money to a buddy, Neteller rewards you for using their platform. 

And that’s really the major difference between Neteller and PayPal (at least in terms of VIP/bonus programs) – Neteller rewards you for simply using their platform – PayPal, on the other hand, does not.

Perhaps the best part of Neteller VIP is that by connecting your Neteller and EwalletUpgrades accounts, you gain access to Fast Silver VIP, which we mentioned above. So, what’s the difference between Fast Silver and regular Silver VIP? Fast Silver allows you to get into the VIP tier system faster, for half the total cost, and makes it both free and super simple to get verified on Neteller. Swing by our Neteller VIP Program article for all of the nitty-gritty details.

Comparing Neteller vs. PayPal: Fees

Now that we’ve established the differences between Neteller and PayPal’s VIP programs (i.e., PayPal doesn’t have one), we’ll break down the differences between the standard accounts for both platforms. After all – if we were comparing Neteller VIP services with PayPal, it wouldn’t really be fair, would it?

  1. Forex Fee:
    • PayPal: 2.5%
    • Neteller: 3.99% (Neteller Standard) to 1.29% Neteller Exlusive VIP
  2. Account Management:
    • PayPal: Free.
    • Neteller: Free.
  3. P2P Transactions:
    • PayPal: Free.
    • Neteller: 1.45% (Neteller Standard) to free (any VIP status)
  4. Inactive Account Fee:
    • PayPal: None.
    • Neteller: $5 per month after one year.
  5. Receive Money:
    • PayPal: Free if both parties are in the same country and are not converting currency or using credit cards. Otherwise, it’s between 2.9% + $.30 and 7.4% + $.50.
    • Neteller: Free.
  6. Bank Transfer:
    • PayPal: Free.
    • Neteller: $10 for Neteller Standard users, free with VIP or verified account.
  7. Deposit Fee:
    • PayPal: Free.
    • Neteller: 2.5%, free deposits over $20,000.
  8. Credit Card Deposit Fee:
    • PayPal: 2.9% + $0.3 to 7.4% + $0.5
    • Neteller: 2.5%, free deposits over $20,000.
  9. ATM Withdrawal Fee:
    • PayPal: 2.5%
    • Neteller: 1.75% (Neteller Standard) to $6 for VIP Gold and above users.
  10. Merchant Transactions:
    • PayPal: Free.
    • Neteller: Free.
  11. Crypto Fees:
    • PayPal: Varies
    • Neteller: 3% (Neteller Standard) to 1.5% (higher-tier VIP users)

Overall, Neteller beats Paypal on most points (when signing up for free through EwalletUpgrades to achieve VIP status). The only real one that stands out where someone would favour Paypal is if they weren’t planning on using their account (removing the +1 year inactivity fee). 

Neteller vs. PayPal: Cards


Considering we just mentioned that both Neteller and PayPal offer a MasterCard – but is there a clear winner between the two? Well, it depends on what you plan to use it for. Let’s break down the major differences: 

  1. Ordering Fee: 
    • PayPal: Free
    • Neteller: $10
  2. Delivery Fee:
    • PayPal: $25
    • Neteller: Free
  3. Annual Membership:
    • PayPal: None.
    • Neteller: $10
  4. Monthly Membership:
    • PayPal: $4.95
    • Neteller: None.
  5. Daily Limits:
    • PayPal: $3,000
    • Neteller: $1,000-3,000 (Depending on VIP Tier)
  6. Available Currencies:
    • PayPal: USD & EUR
    • Neteller: EUR & 20+ other global currencies.
  7. Available Countries:
    • PayPal: USA only.
    • Neteller: All EEA Member Countries and the UK, among others.

If you actually do the math, the total difference in cost of just getting a PayPal card vs a Neteller card is pretty big:

PayPal MasterCard Total Cost:

  • Monthly membership ($4.95*12) + delivery fee ($25) + ordering fee (free) = $84.40

Neteller MasterCard Total Cost:

  • Annual Membership ($10) + delivery fee (free) + ordering fee ($10) = $20.00

The Neteller MasterCard is $64.40 cheaper and comes with more available currencies, lower fees, and a loyalty program. It’s a pretty clear choice.

Neteller vs. PayPal: Rewards & Security

Neteller offers a number of ways to get rewarded for using their services. Higher Neteller VIP users will get .50% back on every transaction, whereas PayPal users get no rewards unless they use the PayPal Cashback MasterCard.

Luckily, though, both are incredibly secure services. They rest their entire service on the fact that they can securely, quickly, and reasonably deliver your money where it needs to go. As such, both offer anti-fraud services, a guarantee to return money in the case of fraud, and allow two-factor authentication to ensure your money is as secure as possible.

In short, if you like to be rewarded for using your money, Neteller is the better option, though both are very secure. The only way for you to get rewarded through PayPal is to use their Cashback MasterCard exclusively in the United States.

One Extra Little Note

It’s also worth noting that PayPal doesn’t generally work well with forex exchange or gambling (online or in person). This is because PayPal primarily operates in the United States, where these actions are far more heavily regulated than in the EEA.

In contrast, gambling, forex, and cryptocurrency are Neteller’s whole thing. So if you’re just looking for P2P capabilities, you’ll likely be fine with PayPal – but if you want to do pretty much anything else with your money, you’ll want to opt for Neteller.

Can You Send Money From Neteller To Paypal?

There are no official means by which to transfer funds from Neteller to PayPal. While there are workarounds out there, it’s generally advised that you only upload funds to a site which you plan to use. 

PayPal and Neteller are not only competitors but operate in entirely different markets, meaning that they have very little reason to encourage users to transfer funds between platforms. You can find services and people out there willing to help with transferring funds between platforms, but they generally come with hefty (10-15%) “commission” fees for the gift of letting you use your money.

In short, you cannot send money from Neteller to PayPal in any truly secure or reasonably-priced means.

The Verdict

With all said and done, both Neteller and PayPal offer excellent services, though in different markets and niches. Ultimately, what’s best for you will boil down to a few things: 

Do you live in the United States or the EEA?

If you’re in the United States, you can only use PayPal. If you’re in the EEA, you can only use Neteller.

Do you want rewards for using your money?

Neteller offers rewards for VIP users (and has a VIP program), whereas PayPal does not. They only offer rewards for PayPal Cashback MasterCard users in the United States.

Will you use this account regularly (i.e. sending more than $100-200 per year)?

If you’re just doing an occasional ~$15 P2P transaction, PayPal is likely better for you – assuming you’re sending the same currency as your friend. Neteller is better for anyone who will regularly use their account. Again, this is because they offer a rewards and VIP program, which PayPal does not.

Do you want to gamble, trade forex, or buy/sell cryptocurrency?

If so, opt for Neteller. PayPal has fewer foreign currencies, is accepted on fewer crypto exchanges, and is generally not taken in online casinos – each of which is something that Neteller was built specifically to do.

In short, both are excellent, secure services – they just have different markets and niches.

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