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How To Get A Skrill MasterCard & Where To Use It

Skrill and Mastercard are like a match made in heaven – assuming you understand how to use them together. If you’re new to Skrill, it can be a lot to take in all at once, so we figure it was time for EwalletUpgrades to get some clarification on the subject. As such, we’ve got a collection of the most commonly-asked questions in relation to using and/or acquiring a MasterCard through Skrill.

Skrill & Mastercard 101


Where Can I Get a Skrill Card?

Probably unsurprisingly, Skrill offers a couple of options to get a Skrill card – you can get prepaid cards through Mastercard (EEA, EU & U.K. only) and Visa (U.S. only). It’s worth noting that this isn’t a credit card, but a prepaid card – meaning you’ll need to load it with money on a regular basis.

Luckily, though, as it’s a prepaid card, you’re able to get a Skrill prepaid card without any credit checks, card application fees, or even a bank account! As long as you have a verified means of adding funds to Skrill and you’re at least a True Skriller, you can spend money easily and securely anywhere that takes your Skrill card. (Psst, we get to where Skrill cards can be used in the next section below.)

Where Can I Use the Skrill Mastercard?

As per usual, it’s always a good first step to read through the Skrill Terms and Conditions (make sure to select your country and language). But if you don’t want to make that dry slog through the legalese in these documents, I’ve got you covered. The important points are as follows – just keep in mind that these rules only apply to the U.K. and EU/EAA, and will vary based on your home country:

  • You can use your Skrill Mastercard in any location that shows the Mastercard acceptance mark.
    • This includes restaurants, stores, online shops, and over the phone.
    • The Virtual Skrill card (through Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay) can only be used in places that don’t require a physical card, i.e. online shopping or over the phone.
  • You can use your Skrill Mastercard overseas, assuming the vendor takes Mastercard.
  • To use the Skrill Mastercard, you must first have the appropriate funds and that the card is activated.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 (varying by jurisdiction) that is a member of the Single Euro Payments Area (along with several other groups, listed in the T&C) can acquire a Skrill Mastercard.
  • The Skrill Mastercard is a prepaid card, not a debit or credit card.

How Do I Use My Skrill Mastercard?

This is a nice and simple answer – you use it like any other little ol’ card! Assuming the place you want to use the card accepts Mastercards, you’ll be able to use the Skrill Mastercard there. 

Obviously, this assumes that you have the appropriate funds loaded onto the card and have activated it, otherwise, you’re gold! 

It’s worth noting a few important details:

  • As it’s a prepaid card, you cannot overdraft the card.
  • Each time you use your Skrill prepaid Mastercard, you earn Knect loyalty points. These can be exchanged for cash vouchers, bonuses, and numerous other rewards through Skrill.
  • To load your card, simply click on “Deposit” on the left sidebar and select your preferred method.
  • The Skrill Mastercard cannot be used for gaming and/or gambling. including physical casinos and betting shops, online or offline gambling activites, etc.

Where Can I Use the Skrill Mastercard?


As mentioned above, you can use the Skrill Mastercard at any location that accepts Mastercard, as displayed by the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. This can include both physical and online stores, restaurants, and any other service that accepts Mastercards.

How Do I Get a Skrill Card?

We touched briefly on this at the beginning of the article, but it’s worth dedicating a small section to make sure it’s clear just how easy this process really is.

If you’re asking “how can I get a Skrill Mastercard or Visa”, follow these steps:

  1. First, you must be a True Skriller or VIP Skriller.
    • True Skriller status can be acquired by:
  2. Apply for the card (no credit check required) in 5-10 minutes.
  3. Activate your card when you receive it (usually within 14 business days of being approved).
  4. Success!

It really is as simple as that. It takes no more than fifteen minutes of your time from start to finish, and you have a prepaid Skrill Mastercard or Visa.

Does Skrill Offer a Card?

Yes – Skrill offers both Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards! Have you not been reading? Rude…

Is the Skrill Card Free?

This is one of those “yes, but actually no” situations. You see, it varies based on your Skrill VIP Status:

  • Non-VIP Skrillers:
    • Must pay a €10 (U.K.) or £10 (EU/EAA) fee.
  • Silver (or higher) VIP Skrillers):
    • Free.

All non-VIP Skrillers will need to pay the card fee, deposit funds, and have the money to fund your Skrill card. Generally, the deposit ranges between £5-10 (converted to your local currency) and can be as low as £1.02 for the bare minimum.

So while VIP members can simply get the Skrill card, free of charge, non-VIPs will need to pay a negligible fee.

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How to Use the Skrill Prepaid Card?

Use the Skrill prepaid card in any place that takes card payments. While they’ll obviously need to accept the type of card (Visa vs. Mastercard, etc.) that’s really the only limit. If you’re using the virtual prepaid Skrill card, it can be used anywhere that takes Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay, and can be used in most online stores (or over the phone).

So go wild! Buy your partner that brunch they’ve been pushing for, get that fishing gear you’ve been eyeballing, or just hold onto the money like Skrill Scrooge – it’s all possible with the Skrill prepaid card.

Where Can I Buy the Skrill Card?

Okay, one small point of order – you don’t buy the Skrill card. You apply and are approved, and can then add funds as you see fit. There are no fees associated with getting the card (with some roundabout exceptions listed in the “Is the Skrill Card Free” section), meaning it’s technically free and not purchased.

Where to Get the Skrill Card

And finally, we’ve reached the end of this marathon of Mastercard questions. And thankfully, this is a nice and simple answer.

If you’d like to get yourself a Skrill card, click here


All in all, while it may seem like a convoluted process, when you actually look at how to get a Skrill card, it’s honestly a super simple task. It takes roughly ten minutes of your time to apply, requires no credit check, and doesn’t cost you anything to get (if you’re a VIP Skriller)! While non-VIP Skrillers will need to pay a negligible fee and to have the funds to load your card, those are really the only barriers to entry. 

And considering Skrill’s awesome set of incentives through Knect Loyalty Points, there’s really no good reason to not have a Skrill prepaid card. You can’t spend money you don’t have, and you get rewarded with awesome prizes and little bonuses for spending money you already planned to spend.

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