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How To Pay With Skrill & Troubleshooting Common Payment Issues.

Paying with Skrill is pretty much the whole point of the platform. As such, it’s vital that you know how to pay with Skrill, how to troubleshoot a failed transaction, and just the general basics of paying with Skrill. Considering those of us at Volume Kings are Skrill veterans, we felt it was only fair to clarify the most-asked questions that we get.

So if you’re a new Skriller, you’re in the right place – we’ll get you paying like a pro in no time.

Paying With Skrill 101

Let’s not waste any time. One quick note – many of these questions will tie back to the first three sections, so if you’re struggling to find an answer, begin with the top three sections and it’s likely that you will find a clear answer to your question.

How Do I Pay With My Skrill Balance?

Depending on how, where, and who you’d like to pay, this process will vary. If you’re trying to send money to a particular person, read the section below. If, however, you’re trying to pay online (say, on Bet365 or Amazon) with your Skrill balance, there are a few options.

First off, some sites will allow you to directly link your Skrill wallet to their payment method. The most common places you’ll be able to do this are online casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks which use a Skrill payment gateway. Similar to a number of other services (such as signing in with Google), you’ll select a “Pay With Skrill” button, which will redirect you to your Skrill account to finish and approve the transaction.

If you’re unable to directly add your Skrill wallet to a site, the other option you have is a Skrill prepaid Visa or Mastercard. You can add funds to the Skrill prepaid card with your Skrill wallet funds, and then enter your Skrill card’s information just as you would a standard credit or debit card.

How Do I Pay Someone Using Skrill?

Paying with Skrill is surprisingly simple and pain-free. While the steps will vary slightly depending on whether you are sending Skrill-to-Skrill (also known as P2P) or whether you are using Skrill’s international money transfer service, the general process remains the same. 

Here’s how to pay someone using Skrill:

  1. Log into your account if you haven’t already.
  2. Click the “Send” button on the leftmost sidebar.
  3. Choose the “Money Transfer” option and select your payment method – card, mobile wallet, bank account, or via phone number/email.
  4. Select a country and currency.
  5. Enter your desired amount.
  6. Enter your personal details (if they’re not saved already).
  7. *Fill out your recipient’s details.
    • *This will vary based on how you’re sending money. Phone, email, mobile wallet, and Skrill to Skrill transactions will require a phone number and/or email, while bank transfers will need your account and sorting numbers.
  8. Use a saved payment method or enter a new one as needed.
  9. Confirm the amount and send your money!

And that’s that! Seriously – sending money with your Skrill balance takes mere seconds and (depending on your payment method) can arrive within minutes.

Why Can’t I Pay With My Skrill Balance?

This is a bit of a complicated question. It’s the type of question that Skrill’s customer service department generally needs to deal with because there are an incredible number of reasons that you’d be unable to pay with your Skrill balance. 

On one hand, it’s entirely possible that a basic technical issue is occurring, such as:

  • Improper information was entered 
    • (Email, name, phone number, account number, etc.)
  • Internet/Computer Issues
    • Clear your browser cache and enable pop-ups (if you have an ad block plugin)
    • Don’t use a VPN or similar service that masks your IP address
    • Have a stable internet connection (sometimes easier said than done, I know)
  • Insufficient funds in the account
    • It’s okay, things happen – we’re all human. If your transaction is denied, double-check that you have the proper funds in your Skrill wallet.
  • Your account is locked
    • This is less common, but if your account was locked due to one of a host of violations of the Skrill Terms of Use, you will be unable to transfer funds from your Skrill balance.
  • Your funds have not cleared yet
    • If you recently added funds to your Skrill balance, it’s possible they’re in what I call “financial limbo.” Essentially, between the moment you send funds and when they clear, your funds will be unavailable for use. Generally, funds clear within 2-5 business days, with some methods taking mere minutes to clear (such as a verified bank transfer).

Those are the most common causes for being unable to pay with your Skrill balance. Generally, it’s best to start with the simple stuff (check that you entered everything correctly), and then move into the troubleshooting stuff if needed. After all, there’s no sense in wasting time, right?

How Long Do Skrill Payments Take?

It depends on the method and where you’re sending the money. When depositing, it can take between 2-5 days to clear (with some exceptions, such as an instant bank transfer). But when using Skrill to deposit or pay at merchants or to complete P2P transfers, your payments will clear instantaneously.

Check out our Skrill Basics: Deposits article for a more detailed breakdown.

Why Can’t Skrill Be Used for Online Payments?

This is a bit of an odd question that we get asked pretty regularly. Skrill, generally, can be used for online payments at most online retailers. And, if you’re unable to directly use your Skrill balance, if the merchant takes Visa or Mastercard, you’ll be able to use a Skrill prepaid Visa or Mastercard. 

The Skrill prepaid card functions as a regular card and comes in a virtual form for those who like Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay. As such, you can enter your card information just as you would any other credit or debit card and fund it with your Skrill balance.

With that said, though, Skrill is very popular for gambling, forex trading, and business-to-business transactions. Depending on where you live, there may be local laws or restrictions that prevent Skrill from being used for that specific purpose

All in all, you should be entirely capable of using Skrill for online payments.

Why Do Skrill Transactions Fail?

While Skrill is generally quite intuitive to use, there are a few cases in which your Skrill transaction may fail. Specifically, making deposits with credit or debit cards in certain countries, as well as some international transfers may have a higher likelihood of failing.

This is explicitly stated when you begin making the transfer and is entirely out of the control of Skrill. Some (though generally not those in the U.K. or EU/EAA)card carriers and banks will automatically decline any transactions made on Skrill until you have personally and verbally verified that you did, in fact, request that transaction.

Generally, the best way to do this is to call your bank or card provider’s customer service team and request that they clear transactions to and from Skrill unless you explicitly ask otherwise.

Realistically, the majority of Skrill transactions to merchants and between Skrillers will happen quickly and without issue.


All in all, paying with Skrill is surprisingly simple. It’s important that you check the specifics of where you live, though, as the rules for me may not be the same as the rules for you. Things like which card companies operate in your country and your local area’s rules and regulations will affect what and how you pay. 

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