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Skrill Registration – How To Create A New Account & FAQ’s

As the world’s most widely accepted e-money transfer service, Skrill is incredibly handy. Its combination of top-notch security, speed of transactions, and Skrill’s broad range of services make it a great tool – once you’ve gotten through the first stages. But before you can use Skrill to its best potential, you need to register. 

So today, we’re getting through the basics – how to register, what you need (and don’t), and answering a few common questions along the way. What’s first?

Skrill Registration 101

Let’s start with the super simple stuff, yeah? There’s no sense complicating things too quickly, so we’ll just work our way down the list of questions above. Don’t worry, you’ll be registered in no time.

Skrill Registration Step-by-Step

The process of registering on Skrill looks like this:

  1. Navigate to the Skrill homepage.
  2. Select “Register” in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Fill out the information for your account (name, address, email, password, etc.)
  4. Complete a captcha (unless you’re a bot…)
  5. Click “Register” and check the box, and you’ll be taken to the next menu where you will:
    • Fill out your permanent residence’s address
    • Date of birth
    • Phone number
  6. Success! You now have an (unverified) Skrill account.

After all of this is done, we highly recommend that you verify your account. Doing so with Volume Kings takes a matter of maybe five minutes and gets you verified within a quarter of the time. Seriously – think about it.

Where is My Skrill Account Number (ID)?

If you’re trying to attach your Skrill account to another online service (like EwalletUpgrades), you’ll need to find your Skrill ID number. This is one of those things that are not explicitly stated in any clear place, so it can be hard to find. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.  To locate your Skrill ID number, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your Skrill account.
  2. Select “Settings” as pictured below.
  3. Verify your Skrill account (optional)
  4. Click “Personal Details
  5. Look at your name at the top – the number below this is your Skrill account number
  6. Success!

And that’s that! Easy as pie, and it only takes a couple of clicks.

Skrill Joining Bonus

Unfortunately, Skrill doesn’t offer a joining bonus – however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get one. You see, Volume Kings is a proud partner of Skrill and has been for quite some time. As such, we’ve found a way to let our users get more out of Skrill in the form of reduced fees, higher account limits, and lightning-quick (and free!) verification.

While Skrill doesn’t offer a joining bonus, EWU users can get a number of handy perks with one simple process.

Skrill & Volume Kings Sign Up Bonus

This is the best part of the whole article – this is where you get rewarded for just… using Skrill as usual. Copy the account number we discussed above and complete the following 2 simple steps shown here

So… why exactly did we do this? Because we love free things, duh! This process gets you access to the following:

  1. Free Skrill Fast Silver VIP
  2. Fast verification: 12 hours vs. 2-5 business days
  3. Free verification: vs €5
  4. Discounted currency exchange: 2.89% vs. 3.99%
  5. Free P2P Transactions
  6. Discounted Skrill Silver VIP: €5,000 vs €15,000

What Do I Need to Create a Skrill Account?

Luckily, Skrill accounts are actually surprisingly quick and easy to get set up. That’s because Skrill registration is free and super accessible – all you need is a functioning phone number and email address. You’ll also need to pass a (quick) verification process and provide $5 as a deposit. 

We are an approved Skrill partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

  • Get Skrill fast silver VIP status for FREE!
  • Get Skrill silver VIP for only €5,000
  • Free verification (no deposit required)
  • Priority verification (less than 12 hours!)
  • FREE P2P transfers
  • Discounted 2.89% forex fee (usually 3.99%)

Click the button below to register at Skrill (or skip to step 2 if you are already registered):

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