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Skrill Verification How-To & FAQ

If you’re here, chances are that you know Skrill is an incredible tool for transferring money online in a secure manner. But it also can be unclear how to verify your Skrill account, with lots of fine print and small details that are often difficult to remember. Luckily for you, we’ve got all of the most common Skrill verification basics in this one, convenient little spot. Whether you’re wondering if you’re able to withdraw or transfer funds without verification, or you’re just trying to figure out how to verify, you’re in the right spot.

Skrill Verification 101

And now it’s the time you were waiting for – we need to answer those questions! Let’s not waste any time, as these are all pretty nice and simple little answers.

How to Verify a Skrill Account:

Let’s start with the actual process of verification, as it seems like the most logical spot. After all, you’re going to have to do it at some point or another, right? If you want to verify your account with Facebook, head to the section below. To verify your Skrill account in the standard manner, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab on the left of your Skrill homepage or, if you’re new, select “Register.”
  2. Select the “Verification” dropdown menu and click “Verify.”
  3. You’ll be prompted to verify with Facebook. If not, continue through these steps.
  4. Select whether you’d like to verify through the app or desktop page (the app is faster, but the process is the same).
  5. Take and upload photos of your valid government ID, driver’s license, or passport (front and back).
  6. You’ll need to use a webcam or phone camera for this next step – record your face and follow the steps listed on the next page. It will record your face at multiple angles to ensure you are, in fact, the person on the ID you just uploaded.
  7. Select either geolocation (using your device’s location) or upload a photo of a recent document with your address listed clearly – usually a paid utility bill.
  8. Your account will be reviewed and, depending on where you live, you’ll be approved in as little as five minutes or as long as three business days.

Alternatively, you could connect your EwalletUpgrades and Skrill accounts and be guaranteed to be verified within twelve hours, gaining access to instant VIP Silver benefits.

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To connect your Volume Kings and Skrill accounts, you just need to follow the 2 simple steps here

So what does this get you? A Skrill account connected to EwalletUpgrades gets fast (and free) verification, instant Fast Silver VIP status, discounted fees, higher limits, and more – all detailed here for the curious.

How to Verify Skrill With Facebook?

If you want a truly quick and easy method of verification, you can verify your Skrill account through Facebook. The process is simple, but it’s worth noting that if your Facebook account doesn’t match the details you gave when creating an account on Skrill, you’ll be unable to verify through Facebook. (Yes, this includes accounts with altered birthdays, funny/fake names, or brand-new accounts with no activity.)

To verify your Skrill account through Facebook, complete the following steps:

  1. Head to your settings page, located in the top right-hand corner of the Skrill homepage.
  2. Scroll to the “Verification” dropdown menu, and select “Verify Your Details” > “Verify with Facebook.”
  3. You will be redirected to log into Facebook. Enter your login information and select the “Continue” button to share your information with Skrill.
  4. The process will generally complete within 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. That’s it – you’re verified!

Verification FAQ

Can I Use Skrill Without Verification?

The long and short of this question is that while you can use Skrill without verification, there will be strict limits placed upon your account until it’s verified. The below transfer limits will apply to all unverified accounts, though if you’re in the UK, EU, or EEA they tend to be higher than elsewhere.

  • £12,917 GBP daily transaction limit.
  • £25,834 GBP weekly transaction limit.
  • £25,834 GBP monthly transaction limit.
  • £8,611 GBP per-transaction limit.

A number of the most popular features of the platform (such as third-party payment processing, access to various Skrill cards, etc.) will be locked to unverified accounts. So while it’s possible to use Skrill without verification, it’s not only less secure, but extremely limited in what you can and cannot do with the account.

How Much Time Does Skrill Take to Verify?

As you likely know, verification can be a long and arduous process with some services, especially those that deal with money. And while that’s not really a bad thing, it can be a pain. If you’re trying to get up and off the ground quickly with a digital wallet, extended verification processes can be a serious issue.

Luckily, Skrill has streamlined the verification process incredibly well. As a result, it generally takes around five minutes (yes, you read that right) to get your Skrill account verified.

It’s worth noting that this will vary based on your country, and in some areas can take up to three business days to fully verify an account.

If, however, you sign up for a Skrill account through EwalletUpgrades, the verification period drops to a maximum of twelve hours.

All that’s needed to verify your Skrill account is a valid government-issued ID, driver’s license, or passport, and proof of your address. The most common form of address verification is a photo of a paid utility bill with your address and name.

In short, Skrill’s verification process can be as short as five minutes, assuming you have the required documents handy and are in the right area. If not, verifying your account through EwalletUpgrades will have your account up and verified in no time.

Can I Withdraw From Skrill Without Verification?

You cannot transfer funds from Skrill without verification. 

While you can send and receive funds, the actual withdrawal of the funds can (and often will be) limited by Skrill until the account is verified. According to Skrill’s terms of service:

You have the right to withdraw funds from your Skrill Account at any time. However, you may be required to confirm your identity beforehand. The funds on your Skrill Account must be sufficient to cover the minimum withdrawal amount and any applicable withdrawal fee. You can choose the method of withdrawal when submitting your withdrawal request.”

While this will certainly seem like a pain, think for a second. If someone were to gain access to your account before it’s verified, do you really want them able to withdraw funds? This is all done to keep the money in your digital wallet safe, which is kinda the whole point of them in the first place, right?

In short, while you can transfer funds without verification, you’ll be asked to verify your account before withdrawing them. (Note that this will vary based upon where you live.)

Do You Have to Verify a Skrill Account?

No, you do not have to verify a Skrill account. However, as discussed above, verification ensures that your account is drastically more secure and also allows you to use the full array of services Skrill offers. If you just want to be able to send and receive just a small amount of money to buy a cup or two of coffee every month, you’ll be fine without verifying. 

But if you want to do just about anything else or want larger limits on transactions, you’ll need to verify the account. Luckily, the verification process is quite fast, taking only five minutes or so – so just bite the bullet and verify your account; it’s worth the effort.

Can I Recieve Money on Skrill Without Verification?

While you can receive money on Skrill without verification, there is a catch. Depending on your local jurisdiction, there’s a possibility that Skrill is legally required to verify your identity before releasing funds. 

Let’s say your friend, Bill, wants to send you money with his verified account. If your account is unverified, the money will process and sit in “money limbo” until one of two things happens:

  1. First, you could verify your account within one month and would immediately be able to access the transferred funds upon verification.
  2. Alternatively, you could transfer the funds elsewhere, assuming you haven’t run into your daily, weekly, and/or monthly transactional limits. If you have met the limit, though, you’ll need to wait it out.

However, if neither you or Bill’s accounts is verified, things get a bit more complicated. You’ll both be limited severely on what you both can send and receive, and (depending on where you live and your local jurisdiction) will quite likely be asked to verify both accounts. In the meantime, that’s where “money limbo” comes into play. 

“Money Limbo” is what we’ve come to call the weird purgatorial area in which funds sit when trying to go between two unverified accounts. See, Skrill will begin the transaction, even if neither account is verified – they just won’t finalize it until they’re certain the funds will be safe and going to the proper (real) person.

How long does Skrill take to verify?

Skrill takes, on average, between 2-3 business days to verify an account – though it can take longer if the process begins shortly before the weekend. 

Volume Kings users can get around this with verification within 12 hours guaranteed, making it faster than ever to get started with a new Skrill account.

Can I send money on Skrill without verification?

Yes, you can send money on Skrill without verification. However, you will have a much more restricted account with a hard limit of €2,500 total on the account. Additionally, as mentioned above, you will be unable to withdraw funds until you have verified your account.

Why did Skrill reject my documents?

Skrill generally doesn’t reject documents. If they do, it’s because there was an error on them or they didn’t match the information provided during registration. This is why we emphasize double and triple checking all information, spelling, and accuracy before registering. 

The most common causes for Skrill rejecting documents are:

  1. Typo(s) when comparing your documents and registration information
    • I.e., Jasmes Smithg vs. James Smith, Dowing Drive vs. Downing Drive.
  2. Incorrect or invalid information
    • I.e. incorrect birthday, a birthdate that would make you under 18, wrong country of residence, etc.
  3. Expired documents/they’re too old
    • I.e., if using a utility bill, it must be no older than 90 days; expired driver’s license/passport, etc.


All things said and done, verifying your Skrill account is both quite simple and crucial to being able to fully use it as intended. While it may seem like a drag, verification plays a vital role in keeping your money safe and where it should be – in your wallet. Without it, Skrill would just have to take peoples’ word that they’re who they say they are, and that’s not something you want with a company that handles your money.

So take the leap and verify your Skrill account. You can make use of a number of methods to ensure it’s as simple as possible, and by connecting your Skrill account to EwalletUpgrades, you can both speed up the verification process drastically and gain faster access to VIP Silver benefits. It’s really a win-win.

We are an approved Skrill partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

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