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Skrill is an awesome service with so many features that it can be easy to miss one or two as you’re getting onboarded. One of the features that often gets skipped is, actually, one of their most beneficial features – the Skrill VIP Programme. Luckily for you, we believe in rewarding people properly at EwalletUpgrades, so we felt it was time to answer some commonly-asked questions and provide a bit of much-needed clarification on all of the Skrill VIP Programme’s nitty-gritty details.

Skrill VIP 101

Are you ready for the VIP treatment? If the answer is yes and you regularly use Skrill to send and receive money, trade foreign currency, or buy/sell/trade crypto, I’ve got good news! Skrill’s new VIP Programme is designed from the ground up to offer benefits and incentives to the people who use their platform the most.

What is the Skrill VIP Programme?

The Skrill VIP Programme is an easy way for people who consistently use Skrill to access daily perks, benefits, and a wide range of invite-only events, such as sports tournaments and festivals across the globe. The best comparison for the Skrill VIP Programme is a souped-up version of your credit card carrier’s rewards program.

The one caveat (you knew one was coming, don’t lie) is that you’ll need to consistently spend large amounts of money on Skrill within set timeframes to maintain your Skrill VIP status or upgrade to a higher tier. The specifics of what’s required are detailed below in the “How To Gain Skrill VIP Status” subsection.

As always, carefully read the Skrill VIP Programme Terms and Conditions – and be sure to select your country and language in the top right corner, as the T&C change by country.

Skrill VIP Tiers

Skrill offers several tiers of VIP: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Non-VIP users are considered either “Skrillers” (registered, not verified) or “True Skrillers” (registered, verified, and have deposited funds).

The farther up the proverbial ladder you go, the better the rewards. You’ll gain access to more features, lowered fees, higher limits, and a handful of other handy little incentives.

Fees, Limits & Requirements of Skrill VIP

As with all things in life, there are strings attached to the Skrill VIP programme. Let’s break those down a bit, yeah?

Skrill VIP Fees

Transaction TypeVerified SkrillerSilver VIPGold VIPDiamond VIP
Peer to Peer (P2P transfers)0-2.99%FreeFreeFree
Withdrawal Fee €5.50 (or your local equivalent)FreeFreeFree
Cash Withdrawal to SWIFT/Bank Account€5.50 (or your local equivalent)FreeFreeFree
Cash Withdrawal to Visa7.5%FreeFreeFree
Forex Rates3.99%2.89%2.59%1.99%

Skrill VIP Limits

There are a few limits to VIP accounts that are worth mentioning, as they aren’t clearly disclosed anywhere on Skrill’s actual site:

  1. All cryptocurrency transactions require a fee of 1.5% for accounts using Euros or Dollars, and 3% for all other countries.
  2. All transfers between Neteller and Skrill accounts incur a 3.49% fee.

Skrill VIP Benefits & Requirements for Tier Advancement

There are five major requirements that need to be met for a user to reach any level of Skrill VIP:

RequirementVerified SkrillerSkrill VIP SilverSkrill VIP GoldSkrill VIP Diamond
Minimum Per-Quarter TransactionNo minimum€15,000€45,000€90,000 
ATM Withdrawal Fee1.75%FreeFreeFree
ATM Limit (Per Day)€900€1,500€3,000€5,000 
Forex Fee3.99%2.89%2.59%1.99% 
POS Limit€2,700€3,000€5,000€10,000

How To Gain Skrill VIP Status

This is the section that’s certain to hurt if you don’t spend consistently on Skrill. 

Skrill VIP status is based entirely on how much users spend and how frequently.

The longer version of this answer is that Skrill measures your account based on spending per financial quarter. (I.e. Q1 is January-March, Q2 is April-June, Q3 is July-September, and Q4 is October-December.) To achieve VIP status, users must spend at least this much per quarter across all transactions (deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc.):

  • Skrill Silver: €15,000 per quarter 
  • Skrill Gold: €45,000
  • Skrill Diamond: €90,000 per quarter

Generally, those who gamble, forex trade, or buy/sell/trade cryptocurrency are the most likely to easily achieve VIP status, as they’re constantly sending large amounts of money back and forth. 

Skrill Benefits for VIP Members

Once you’ve achieved Skrill VIP status, you unlock a number of benefits. The largest of which are reduced transfer fees (free for internal transfers), higher transfer caps and forex rates (down to 1.99% for higher tiers), and free access to a prepaid Skrill Mastercard or Visa.

Any merchant, physical or online, that accepts Visa or Mastercard will take the Skrill Mastercard or Visa, and it can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs if desired. VIP members also unlock access to dedicated support, which is much appreciated as they don’t offer live customer service in most cases.

Volume Kings & Skrill

If those benefits just aren’t enough for you – I’ve got good news. EwalletUpgrades allows Skrill users access to a few key differentiators:

  • Fast tracked (and free) verification
  • Automatic Fast Silver VIP status
  • Personal account manager
  • Higher limits
  • Lower fees on most transactions

Why Volume Kings?

Ultimately, EwalletUpgrades users love Skrill as much as we do because it’s freakin’ cool! And when the two of us combine, we offer Skrill users so much that it’s really quite difficult to just ignore. 

If you want the most widely accepted e-money service in the world, Skrill is your best bet. If you want higher limits, lower fees, and free access to superb P2P and merchant transactions, EwalletUpgrades is the way to make that happen faster than anywhere else on the web.


All in all, Skrill is already a fantastic service, but when paired with EwalletUpgrades, you get faster access to VIP tiers, lower limits on your account, and more support and freedom to spend how you want – without many of the silly fees so common with online wallets. There’s not much more to it than that!

We are an approved Skrill partner, which means when you sign up to us we are able to provide you with many benefits that you can see listed below.

  • Get Skrill fast silver VIP status for FREE!
  • Get Skrill silver VIP for only €5,000
  • Free verification (no deposit required)
  • Priority verification (less than 12 hours!)
  • FREE P2P transfers
  • Discounted 2.89% forex fee (usually 3.99%)

Click the button below to register at Skrill (or skip to step 2 if you are already registered):

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