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Skrill vs ecoPayz: Our comparison. Which is better? Find out below.

Both Skrill and EcoPayz offer similar services to people across the globe. However, we all know that not all services are created equally. So today’s article is asking the hard question – which is better overall, Skrill or EcoPayz?

Which is Better, Skrill or EcoPayz?

This is a complicated question for a number of reasons which we’ll get into shortly. Overall, though, it’s important to note that both offer quite similar services and those in certain countries will find more value in one over the other, depending on where they live. 

All information listed here is based on thorough research and is entirely unbiased – we’re only talking about tangible differences here today. Neither party has encouraged nor sponsored this post – it’s all about freedom of information.

Let’s break them down individually, and then we can compare at the end, yeah? First up is Skrill.

Skrill Pros & Cons

Skrill is a well-known digital wallet service that’s widely available in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They’re loved for the easy access offered to cryptocurrency, forex trading, and gambling, especially because Skrill is accepted across a swathe of merchants, all with secure and near-instant payment processing through Skrill.

The Basics

So what are Skrill’s “bullet point offerings?” Let’s see:

  • Availability: Skrill is available in 201 countries.
  • Currencies: Skrill has access to 40 different currencies.
  • Deposit Options: (10 + options)
    • Manual bank transfer (free)
    • Credit/debit/bank cards (1.9% fee, varying by home country)
    • Sofort Überweisung (1.5% fee)
    • Swift (free)
    • Paysafecard/cash (5.5% fee)
  • Withdrawal Options:
    • All bank withdrawals are €2.95.
    • Skrill Prepaid Mastercard/Visa withdrawals are €1.80.
  • Money Transfer & P2P Transactions:
    • A minimum fee of €.50, 1.45% on all transactions.
    • Free for VIP members.
  • Receive Funds via P2P Transactions:
    • Free.
  • Paying or depositing at online merchant:
    • Free.
  • Currency Conversion:
    • 1.99%-3.99%, depending on the currencies involved and your level of Skrill VIP status.

Skrill Pros:

  • Accepted by a huge number of merchants
  • Extremely secure
  • Fast (near-instant) payment processing with most forms of payment
  • Prepaid card
  • Can be used with thousands of online merchants and virtual brick-and-mortar merchants anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted.
  • Can be used to withdraw your Skrill wallet funds from ATMs
  • Wide application – both mobile and desktop, Android and iOS.
  • Both business and individual accounts are available on Skrill

Skrill Cons:

  • No live customer service or support*
    • *They do have an (occasionally useful) chatbot, named Sofia.
  • Long verification process
    • Can take up to 5 business days.
    • Unlike EcoPayz, you can still use an unverified account for rudimentary, highly limited transactions such as sending money to a friend on Skrill. The limits can be as low as $135 a month (or your local currency’s equivalent amount) on withdrawals, deposits, and transfers.

EcoPayz Pros & Cons


EcoPayz is super popular with some users, and for good reason – they offer quite a few benefits alongside extremely fast and secure payment processing.

The Basics

So what are EcoPayz’s “bullet point offerings?” Let’s see:

  • Availability: EcoPayz is available in 156 countries.
  • Currencies: EcoPayz has access to 45 different forms of currency.
  • Deposit Options: (24 options)
    • Manual bank transfer (free-7.00%, depending on your home country)
    • Credit cards (1.69-2.9% fee)
  • Withdrawal Options:
    • A withdrawal to a bank account comes with a fee between €5.90-10.
  • Money Transfer & P2P Transactions:
    • In-platform (EcoPayz account to EcoPayz account) transfers have a minimum fee of €.50 and a 1.5% fee. EcoPayz gold accounts and higher levels of VIP have no P2P transfer fees.
  • Receive Funds via P2P Transactions:
    • Free.
  • Paying in a brick-and-mortar retailer or digital merchant:
    • Free.
  • Currency Conversion:
    • EcoPayz Classic-Silver levels – 2.99%
    • EcoPayz Gold-Platinum levels – 1.25-1.49%

EcoPayz Pros:

  • More merchants are starting to accept EcoPayz, such as Bet365, Betfair, and William Hill, to name a few.
  • Fast payment processing
  • Five more global currencies are supported than Skrill
  • Secure
  • Prepaid debit card (if desired)
    • Can be used in physical and online stores that take Visa/Mastercard.
  • Can be used as an eCommerce payment gateway

EcoPayz Cons:

  • Prepaid card only available in Europe (sorry, everyone else)
  • Long-ish verification wait* (up to two business days, usually within one business day) and nothing can be done with the account in the meantime.
    • *Fast-track available with a EwalletUpgrades Gold Upgrade.
  • Internal transfers come with fees until you reach Gold VIP.


All in all, both EcoPayz and Skrill have quite a bit to offer to customers. Both platforms offer similar services, but the primary difference lies in the number of merchants where both are accepted with Skrill being much more widely available although ecoPayz are catching up and adding more and more of the most popular gambling, forex and trading merchants.

One major plus point for ecoPayz is that you will be less restricted by some gambling sites on their sign up bonuses. Occasionally on certain sites you will see ‘deposits using Skrill are not eligible for the bonus‘ yet you will rarely, if ever, see the same restriction on ecoPayz deposits.

At the end of the day, the platform that’s best for you will rely on your needs. So read the list above, take a hard look at the various fees, and consider how you want to transfer funds – as each offers different methods. 

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