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What Is A Skrill Virtual Card, How To Get it & Where To Use It

If you’re running into issues using your Skrill balance where you’d like, I’ve got good news for you. The Skrill virtual card is not only near-effortless to apply for, but it will enable you to use your Skrill balance at most online major retailers. If you’re new to Skrill, don’t worry – those of us at Volume Kings are experts in all things Skrill. 

Skrill Virtual Card 101

The Skrill virtual card is incredibly useful for those who use Skrill in a broad range of financial transactions. It allows you to use your Skrill funds in all online places that accept MasterCard and makes adding payment methods on sites like Steam or Amazon a breeze. 

So how exactly do you get a virtual Skrill card? I’m glad you asked!

How Do I Get a Virtual Debit Card From Skrill?

First things first, this commonly-asked question actually has a bit of misinformation present. The Skrill virtual card is not a debit or credit card, rather, it’s a prepaid card. While Skrill calls it a debit card, there are a few key defining characteristics that separate it from a standard debit card.

The key defining difference between debit, credit, and prepaid cards are as follows:

Credit Cards:

When using a credit card, you’re essentially taking an IOU from your card provider. In other words, you’re promising that you’ll pay back what they loan you, along with a bit of interest for the privilege of spending their money. 

Credit cards are very easy to overspend with, as card providers make more money when you overdraft or spend larger amounts. In short, the more you spend on a credit card, the more you’ll pay over time (thanks, interest).

Debit Cards: 

Also known as a bank card, debit cards are tied directly to a checking or current account with a bank. When you get a debit card, you agree with the bank that they will hold your money for you in a secure place, and you won’t spend more than you have in the account. If you do spend more than you have, you get an overdraft fee.

It’s harder to overspend with a debit card than with a credit card, as banks will lock your account if you overdraft too much. It’s also worth noting that not everyone has access to a bank or bank account. This is where prepaid cards come into play, and is one of the reasons that people worldwide love Skrill – it makes sending and receiving money effortless, no matter where you are.

Debit cards can only be provided by a financial institution (aka bank). Skrill is, legally, not a bank. Therefore, while marketed as a debit card, Skrill is technically providing a reloadable prepaid card, as detailed below.

Prepaid Cards: 


As the name implies, prepaid cards are paid (or “funded”) before you get the card. There are a number of forms that prepaid cards come in, but the most common ones are Visa or Mastercard gift cards with a set limit.

You can get one-time prepaid cards or multi-use prepaid cards. The Skrill card (both the virtual and physical versions) can be regularly topped off with the available funds in your Skrill wallet.

It is nearly impossible to overspend on a prepaid card (with some exceptions), as you only have access to money you actually have. Some providers will allow you to overdraft the account (for a fee, never fun) or offer credit, though it’s important to read the fine print to ensure you’re not being bled dry by 25-30% APY (or higher) interest.

Getting a Skrill Virtual Card

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about actually getting a Skrill card, virtual or otherwise. The process is, thankfully, quite simple! To get yourself a Skrill virtual card, you’ll need to:

  • Achieve True Skriller status
    • This requires that you:
  • Have money in your Skrill wallet to fund the Skrill card (this is even easier if you just verified your account, as you need to make a deposit to do so)
  • Complete the application process (detailed in the section below)
  • Have ~5 minutes of free time

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How Do I Create a Skrill Virtual Card?

In order to create a Skrill virtual card, all that’s needed is to apply and get started immediately! To apply, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Skrill account if you haven’t already.
  • Select the “Skrill Card” button on the left sidebar
  • After acquiring True Skriller status, simply fill out the application form.
    • You’ll need to provide a name, physical address, and email, among a few other small things.
    • This application requires no credit check, and will not appear on your credit score.
    • Assuming you have the funds to add to your Skrill card, chances are that you’ll be approved near-instantaneously.
  • Upon approval, your card will be activated.
  • Success!

It really is that easy. All it takes to get a Skrill virtual card (or physical card) is roughly five minutes of your time, enough money to fund the card (as much or little as you’d like), and the patience to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Once it’s activated, you’ll be able to use your Skrill virtual card anywhere that accepts mobile wallets.

It’s worth noting that your card provider will vary based on your location. For example, users in the UK and EU/EEA will get a Mastercard, while users in the United States will get a Visa. Any merchant or online store that bears the Mastercard or Visa Acceptance Mark will take your card.


Getting yourself a Skrill virtual card has never been easier. It takes a matter of minutes to apply, doesn’t impact your credit (or show up on your credit report), and allows you to use your Skrill wallet balance anywhere that takes Visa or Mastercard. It’s really a no-brainer – if you want to be able to use your Skrill balance just about anywhere, the Skrill virtual card is your best option.

For more information, visit our “Skrill Basics: Mastercard” article for all of the nitty-gritty on Skrill Mastercards.

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