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Where To Use Your Skrill Balance & Accepted Merchants

If you’re new to Skrill, chances are that you’re still a bit unsure exactly where you can use the funds in your Skrill wallet. While the general rule of thumb is “pretty much anywhere” there are absolutely limits to this, and they vary by country, further complicating the picture. Luckily for you, those of us at EwalletUpgrades are Skrill veterans.

Skrill is mainly targeted at gambling, forex and trading merchants with Skrill generally being accepted at 90%+ of online gambling related sites. However, we often get asked what other merchants Skrill can be used with.

As such, we felt it was time to bring a bit of clarification on some of the most popular non-gambling related merchants that Skrill can be used with, along with a further breakdown about Skrill’s main offering as the e-wallet of choice for gambling, forex and trading customers.

Where to Use Skrill

Skrill has worked really hard to ensure you can use your funds as easily as possible. However,  I’m going to warn you now – you’ll see one answer quite often in this article. I’ll be saying, “You can use Skrill funds on XYZ site, but only through a prepaid Skrill Visa or Mastercard,” pretty much nonstop.

So if you don’t have one, maybe grab yourself a Skrill prepaid card. It takes maybe ~5 minutes to apply and costs nothing, with no credit check. And considering how much it frees your Skrill funds to be used across the web, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Where Can I Use My Skrill Balance?


Perhaps the most important thing to know when getting going with Skrill is where you can use your Skrill balance. You wouldn’t get a credit card without knowing where and when it can be spent, and an online wallet should be no different. Below is a selection of popular places that accept Skrill – just keep in mind that this will vary based on your home country and its local laws. 

  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • Steam

Does AliExpress Accept Skrill?

Yes, AliExpress accepts Skrill as a form of payment in some countries.

The important thing to note is that in most countries, you cannot use your Skrill balance itself; rather, you need to use a Skrill prepaid physical or virtual card.

How to Pay With Skrill on AliExpress

Pay with Skrill on AliExpress by adding your Skrill card just like any other card. 

Once again, it’s important to note that you can’t directly port your Skrill wallet funds, you’ll need a Skrill prepaid Visa or Mastercard (either physical or virtual).

Does Steam Accept Skrill?

Yes! Steam accepts Skrill – but once again, you’ll need to use the Skrill prepaid card. When selecting your payment method, simply add your Skrill card like any other card.

Does Binance Accept Skrill?

Not only can you use your Skrill balance on Binance, but that’s one of Skrill’s most beloved features! Skrill is most commonly used for buying cryptocurrency, buying and trading Forex, and gambling, along with all of the usual ways that people use money. 

Whether you want to shop, gamble, buy or trade currency (crypto or otherwise), or do just about anything else you’d use your regular debit or credit card for, it’s likely you can use your Skrill card as well.

Can I Use Skrill to Pay on Amazon?

Yes! Once again, you’ll need to attach your Skrill prepaid card in order to pay with funds in your Skrill wallet, but it’s entirely possible to buy all sorts of things on one of the world’s largest eCommerce marketplaces.

Does eBay Accept Skrill?

I bet you know where this is going, don’t you? That’s right! You can use your Skrill prepaid card to buy anything your heart desires (within reason), though you won’t be able to pay on eBay directly with your Skrill wallet.

Can You Pay Netflix With Skrill?


While you can’t use your Skrill wallet balance to directly pay for Netflix, you can (I know, it’s getting old) use your Skrill prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Netflix accepts prepaid and virtual cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, rendering the Skrill prepaid card acceptable.

Is Skrill Good for Gambling?

Not only is Skrill good for gambling, but it’s also widely considered one of the most excellent options for a number of reasons. A few of the most beloved features that Skrill offers to gamblers is:


  • Unlike a traditional bank account or credit card, Skrill is easy to fund and use without anyone knowing.
  • You won’t have to worry about the gambling site showing up on your bank statement.


  • Skrill is extremely secure, ensuring your money is safe along its journey.


  • Transfers are often near-instant, and it’s super simple to transfer funds between betting sites and/or cash out.


  • Skrill has extremely broad limits on deposits, measured in per-transaction, daily, weekly, and monthly stretches.
  • Those who consistently use Skrill to gamble will access higher transaction limits, further improving your limits.

Widely Accepted:

  • Skrill is accepted across a wide range of gambling sites, from poker and bingo to casinos and sportsbooks, Skrill makes the world of gambling your oyster.

It’s worth noting that in some countries such as USA, you cannot use Skrill to gamble due to local laws. Rules and regulations are constantly changing, so if you’re from a country where gambling is currently limited, it’s worth directly asking your preferred gambling site about their policy on Skrill funds.

Which Gambling Sites Use Skrill?


Most gambling sites allow users to use their Skrill funds to make a deposit on their site. In fact, Skrill is the most widely-accepted digital wallet used in Europe for gambling; in other words, pretty much every gambling sites use Skrill, as it’s kinda their whole thing.

Can I Use Skrill in Bet365?

Yes – you can use Skrill on Bet365. In fact, it’s often a preferred payment method due to Skrill’s extremely secure payment processing method. You can instantly transfer funds from Skrill to Bet365 for free, with a minimum transfer of $10, and a maximum of $38,000*.

*Note that these limits will transfer to your local currency. For example, $10 is equal to £7.93, or €9.32.


All in all, Skrill is accepted in a surprising number of places. From gambling sites to basic shopping on eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress, it’s never been easier to use Skrill. And if you’re unable to directly use your Skrill wallet, chances are that you’ll be able to use your Skrill prepaid Visa or Mastercard (assuming, of course, that the merchant accepts Visa or Mastercard).

At the end of the day, Skrill has done a lot of legwork to ensure you’re able to use your funds as freely as you could with a standard bank or credit card. And the advent of virtual Skrill cards makes it easier than ever before to spend, gamble, or buy and trade Forex and cryptocurrency.

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