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Trastra Fees Explained & FAQ

If you’re new to the world of crypto, chances are that you’re trying to figure out how to use it in the “real world.” This is a problem that Trastra aims to solve by providing users access to a multicurrency crypto wallet, free Euro-to-crypto conversion, and a card to actually spend crypto in online and physical stores alike. 

Trastra Fees 101 

Let’s take a look at Trastra’s fees. Once we’ve broken down the fees associated with a Trastra account, we’ll answer a few common questions – now, on to the answers!

Trastra Fees Explained

While all e-money services charge some form of fee, there are certainly some that are more forgiving with their fees – Trastra, luckily, is one of those! Let’s take a look at Trastra’s fees.

Trastra generally breaks its fees down into three categories: service, card, and crypto. Let’s start with the standard service fees.

Service Fees

  • Registration: Free.
  • Multi-Crypto wallet activation (7 cryptocurrencies max): Free.
  • Payment account creation: Free.
  • Card delivery: Free.
  • Mobile app: Free.
  • *Card order fee: €9
  • **Annual card management: €15

*This charge is deducted from your wallet.

** First annual charge will occur 45 days after ordering the card.

Card Fees

  • Card load fee: Free.
  • Offline/online card purchases: Free.
  • Non-Euro card purchase: 3%
  • SEPA in (via personal IBAN): Free.
  • SEPA out (transfer of Euros through SEPA): €3
  • ATM balance request: €0.35
  • ATM PIN change: €0.40
  • *ATM € withdrawal: €2.25
  • *ATM withdrawal, non-Euro/EEA: €2.25 + 3%

*ATM providers may charge an additional fee; always check before confirming the transaction.

Crypto Fees

  • Deposit crypto: Free.
  • Minimal crypto amount exchange: €22
  • Exchange crypto to EUR: Free.
  • Exchange EUR to crypto: Free.
  • Send crypto to Trastra internal wallet: Free.
  • Send crypto to external wallet: Standard miner’s fee*
  • Buy crypto with a non-Trastra card: *Miner’s fee + 4.95%, minimum €5.00 purchase

*High-priority transactions can be selected for a higher fee; the “standard” fee will vary by the external wallet.

Trastra Fee FAQ

Does Trastra charge to send money?

Trastra doesn’t charge to send money, assuming that you are sending it in EUR. 

Other forms of currency will incur currency conversion fees. Trastra also allows you to send crypto from another wallet to your Trastra wallet for free, though they charge for the opposite (send to another wallet).

Why does Trastra charge for withdrawing?

Trastra charges for withdrawing funds because that’s industry standard for e-money, e-wallet, and P2P lending services. 

While they do charge a small fee, it’s actually surprisingly affordable when compared to similar services. And if you include crypto in the picture, Trastra’s rates are simply unbeatable. This brings us to our next point – Trastra’s cost.

Why is Trastra so expensive?

We see this question quite a bit on EwalletUpgrades – but it really tends to confuse us. Why do you ask? 

Because Trastra isn’t expensive, and they charge fees that are actually lower than many similar competing services!

But I don’t expect you to believe me – I’ve got proof. Let’s take another look at Trastra’s fee:

  • Registration and verification are entirely free on Trastra.
    • Similar services charge a €10 fee (give or take)
  • Currency conversion between crypto and EUR is free.
    • Every other competing service charges for fiat-to-crypto (or vice versa) conversion.
  • Deposits (fiat or crypto) are always free on Trastra.
  • SEPA transactions are limited to a €3 charge, whereas many similar services charge a percentage of the transaction.
  • ATM transactions will cost you no more than €3 (and that’s assuming you would withdraw, get a balance request, AND reset your PIN).
    • Unless you live in a non-EEA area or use non-Euro currency; sorry, everyone else.

So yeah – Trastra is actually pretty freakin’ cool.


Ultimately, Trastra’s fees are shockingly low and provide a pretty dang good reason to use their services. If you’re a crypto enthusiast and want to be able to actually spend crypto, there are few better services than Trastra. The combination of a unique market offering, reasonable fees, and low cost of entry has earned Trastra nothing but good marks in our book.

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